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Market Insights for Residential Real Estate Investors

We’ve aggregated anonymous data from over 12,500 active leases across the US. This data explores current trends and lends insight into the future of the residential real estate market.

March 2021: Residential Rental Index Report

Landlord Studio data shows the average occupancy
rates dropping approximately 2% between October and
February 2021, falling below 95% for the first time in over two years.

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October 2020: Residential Rental Index Report

With a 7% decrease in on time rent between May and October this latest wave of data, shows the clear impact of COVID-19 and increases in unemployment on rent collection trends as well as the impact of various mitigating factors like the CAREs Act.

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August 2020: Residential Rental Index Report

Despite the many hardships that 2020 has thrown at us so far there has been surprising stability in the rental market. This report looks at rent collection trends in the US as COVID-19 continues to unfold, and the impact of current financial and economic policy on the residential rental market.

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We draw from personal experience and the experience of our users to help landlords get the most out of their real estate investments.

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In interviews with leading industry experts we look for insights into what it takes to become a successful real-estate investor and build wealth.

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Our selection of free e-books detail information on key challenges such as finding and screening tenants and managing finances.

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