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Learn how you can scale your portfolio and increase your rental property profitability with The Profitable Rental Podcast featuring real estate industry experts.

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Episode 6

September 11, 2023

Leveraging the tax code to increase real estate ROI with Ryan Bakke

In episode 6 Logan Ransley talks tax with investor and expert CPA, Ryan Bakke, exploring how you can leverage the tax code to increase your ROI.

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Episode 5

August 29, 2023

Profit through precision: Real estate accounting strategies with Christanne Wright

In episode 5 Logan Ransley talks tax strategies with CPA, Christanne Wright, exploring how real estate investors can leverage tax law.

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Episode 4

August 16, 2023

Self-managing tenants for a profitable rental portfolio with Kim Avant-Babb

Logan talks with expert investor Kim Avant-Babb about how she's achieved a 0% vacancy rate over a real estate career of over 30 years.

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Episode 3

August 1, 2023

Streamlining your portfolio cashflow for scale with Christian Osgood

Logan Ransley interviews Christian Osgood, a real estate investor who has scaled to over 100 units and a resort in just a few short years.

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Episode 2

July 19, 2023

Part 2: How to succeed in real estate in any economic market with Sharon Lechter & Brandon Hall

We continue our conversation from episode 1 with Sharon Lechter and Brandon Hall and dive deeper into real estate mistakes and learning opportunities that can make you a better investor.

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Episode 1

July 5, 2023

Part 1: How to succeed in real estate in any economic market with Sharon Lechter & Brandon Hall

We interview two special guests, Sharon Lechter and Brandon Hall, and talk about everything from how your upbringing can set your money mindset to the role mistakes play in learning to succeed.

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