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Rental accounting

Save $100's at tax time with professional accounting tools designed for landlords.

Manual income expense tracking

Easy income and expense management on any device.

Automated bank feeds

Connect your accounts, set up rules, and reconcile transactions with a tap.

Recurring expenses

Set up automated recurring expenses.

Mileage tracker

In-built automated GPS mileage tracker.

Smart receipt scanner

Scan receipts with your device and we’ll read and input the details for you.


Automated rent reminders

Set up rent reminders to send before and after rent due date.

Online rent collection

Automate your online rent collection. Free for landlords, $2.50 per transaction for tenants)

Collect rent online

Automate rent collection with easy online payments.

Collect deposit online

Set and collect the deposit online.

Collect tenant payable expenses

Invoice tenants and collect tenant payable expenses online.

Block partial payments

You’re in control. Choose whether to allow partial payments or not.

Automated rent reminders

All ACH users get automatic rent reminders for tenants.

Rent receipts

Use our email templates to quickly send tenants payment receipts.

Automated late fees

Apply and automatically collect late fees to discourage late payments.

Reporting & tax returns

Full suite of accountant - approved reports for powerful insights and a more accurate tax time


Powerful reports for insights and an accurate tax time.


Data export

Export your data on any device for fast portfolio analysis.

PDF only

Data sharing

Invite your accountant and share reports from in the app.

Xero integration

Easier data sharing without double-handling of data.

Find & screen tenants

Reduce costly vacancies and secure great tenants fast.

Create property listing

Create a unique property listing page.

Manage applications

Collect, pre-screen, and assess tenant applications.

Tenant screening

Run comprehensive TransUnion tenant screening reports.


Syndicate your listing to top listing sites.

Coming soon

Property maintenance

Streamline maintenance requests and management.

Maintenance management

Track, prioritize, and manage maintenance jobs.

Tenant maintenance requests

Allow tenants to submit maintenance requests online.

Online payments only

Automation & Management tools

Reduce time-consuming admin by as much as 80% with powerful automation tools.


Set one-off reminders for important future events.

Document storage

Essential storage for documents and receipts.

10 files

Recurring reminders

Set recurring reminders for things like inspections.

Manual emails

Save time with templated emails for receipts and more.

Custom email templates

Customize and create your own email templates.

Automated lease expiry reminders

Get notified when your leases are coming to an end.

Automated rent reminders

Set up automatic rent reminder emails to tenants.

Custom lease documents*

Create a customized lease for new tenants using our templates.

Coming Soon

E-sign leases*

Secure your next tenant fast with convenient digital document signing.

Coming Soon


Properties included

Up to 3

Number of users







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Online payments only


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