The #1 tenant screening service for landlords

Thoroughly assess a tenant's personal and rental history, so you can reduce tenant turnover, prevent evictions, and have peace of mind knowing your investment property is protected.

  • Comprehensive background, credit, and eviction checks
  • Screening fees covered by the tenant
  • Convenient invitations - you just need their email address

How our tenant screening reports work

It’s straightforward and fast to run a tenant credit report, background check, and eviction check on a renter. If you haven’t already you'll need to create your account or log back in.

Yep. That’s it. You don’t need to collect their SSN or any sensitive personal information — they’ll enter this on their end.

The tenant will receive an email from Landlord Studio asking them to verify their identity and complete the tenant screening report.

As soon as the potential tenant submits the screening report, you’ll get a notification. Simply log in on desktop or on the app to view the report.

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What's in the Landlord Studio tenant screening report?

Get a comprehensive TransUnion SmartMove report with Landlord Studio in as little as 30 minutes. Reports cost only $45 (on PRO) or $50 (on GO) and can be charged to the tenant* or paid by the landlord.

*Local and state laws may apply

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  • Credit score
  • Address history
  • Resident score
  • Nationwide criminal search
  • SSN verifications
  • Nationwide evictions
  • Bankruptcies

Simple tenant screening for informed tenant selection

View your applicant’s prescreening answers, easily notify accepted applicants, and run a comprehensive tenant screening report and background check with a few quick taps.

The Landlord Studio tenant screening and background check report leverages TransUnion to provide accurate and up-to-date data on your tenants. 

Get a snapshot of a prospective tenant’s financials, criminal record, and eviction history so you can feel truly confident in your tenant selection.

The most comprehensive tenant background check

Your real estate investment is too valuable to take risks with. Securing a reliable tenant is crucial for the success of your rental business.

Our tenant screening report, which doesn't require you to collect the renter's social security number, provides comprehensive details on previous address history, evictions, and criminal records, including sex offender offenses.

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More than just tenant screening

Whether you have a single rental property or are expanding your real estate portfolio, it's essential to establish systems that ensure a welcoming and professional experience for both you and your tenants.

Integrated Rental Accounting

Utilize a landlord-specific accounting tools that syncs directly with your bank accounts.

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Rental Advertising

Need to fill another vacancy? Post to multiple sites and reach more renters for free!

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Manage maintenance

Tenants can submit maintenance requests online. Streamline maintenance management.

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Document Management

Organize, store, and share important documents like leases, and property inspections.

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Rent Payments

Simplify rent collection for you and your tenants. Payments are made securely into your bank account.

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Expense Tracking

Scan receipts, run reports, and gain a comprehensive view of your finances.

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Get Your Tenant Screening Report - Free For Landlords

With Landlord Studio, you can manage the entire tenant selection process at no cost to you!

Frequently asked questions

How do I run a tenant screening report?

Here’s the complete flow for running a tenant screening report using Landlord Studio.

How much does it cost?

Tenant screening reports cost $40 each. You can choose to pass the $40 report fee yourself, or pass it onto your tenant.

What is the purpose of tenant screening?

Tenant screening gives landlords necessary information so they can ensure they select a tenant who will pay rent on time every month and look after their investment.

Which tenant screening services are best?

Our tenant screening reports leverage TransUnion data to provide a full picture of a tenant’s trustworthiness and financial stability and are fully compliant with fair housing laws and state regulations.

Still have questions?

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