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Record, Track, and Prioritize Maintenance Tasks.

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Managing the maintenance on your rental property can easily get out of control, with small jobs stacking up, routine maintenance tasks getting missed, and tenants complaining constantly.

Landlord Studio’s property maintenance feature is an easy-to-use work order management system that allows you to keep track of and prioritize maintenance jobs so you can close maintenance tasks twice as fast and nothing gets forgotten.

Create maintenance request

Tenant easily submits maintenance request via the tenant portal

Review requests

Easily review requests anywhere via the app or desktop software

Prioritize tasks

Create new tasks, organize existing ones, and prioritize the most important jobs.

Communicate with tenants

Coming Soon

Add comments to easily communicate with tenants and give progress updates

Assign contractor

Coming Soon

Loop in your preferred contractor with the click of a button

Track job cost

Coming Soon

Accurately track completed jobs and your total expenditure

Ready to get started with property maintenance management?

Close maintenance requests faster

Make sure you handle the most important tasks first with easy prioritization.

Create tasks and update progress at any time via the app or desktop software.

Everything in one place. Upload photos, create a detailed description, and link requests to the relevant property or unit.

Reminders and accurate records

Set reminders for routine and preventative maintenance tasks.

Keep a record of all completed tasks to avoid unnecessary work.

Accurately record property maintenance expenditures using our industry leading expense tracking tools.

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