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Landlord Studio Help

Landlord Studio LogoVisit our Help Centre

Need help using and getting the most out of Landlord Studio? We’ve created an online knowledge base which covers all the important features and FAQs.

Tenant Screening

Have a read of our e-book “A Detailed Guide to Tenant Screening” it’s free to download.

Creating Online Listings

Have a read of our e-book “A Complete Guide to Listing your Properties Online” it’s free to download.

Landlord Studio Logo Welcome Letter

Use our welcome letter template to help get your landlord/ tenant relationship off to the right start.

For specific questions email


Landlord Studio LogoWhat Every Landlord Needs to Know about Renters Insurance

Surprisingly a lot of tenants don’t have renters insurance

Landlord Studio LogoWhat Every Landlord Should know about Landlord Insurance

Getting the right insurance for you investment properties is vital!


Landlord Boss State Laws Page

A great resource for landlords LandlordBoss offers a detailed break down of U.S. laws by state. 

Landlord Studio LogoLandlord Legal Documents

View our collection of customizable legal documents and download yours now.

Market Data

National Rental Home Council

The NRHC gathers national data on rental market trends and more.

Zillow Research

Zillow publishes local market overviews, trends, and forecasting data.


Quickly and easily compare rent prices to other local properties and get market reports on demand..

deal check Deal Check

Instantly analyse any investment property and make sure you’re getting the right deal.

Forming an LLC

Landlord Studio LogoShould you form an LLC?

This article breaks down why and how to form an LLC for your rentals.

Avail Logo Form an LLC

Form your own LLC with the help of Rocket Lawyer.

An Operating Agreement outlines the rights and responsibilities of each member of the LLC. This can help you seamlessly
manage the property and protect each member of the LLC in case of legal trouble.

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