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One of the surest ways to increase your profitability is to grow your portfolio with positive cash flow properties.

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Supercharge Your Portfolio Growth For Long Term Financial Success

When investing in property, there are a few things you need to know in order to achieve your long term financial goals. From finding and analyzing new properties, to securing rental property financing and creating long term tax strategies. However, buying new investment properties is only one part of it.

First, you need systems in place to maximize your existing portfolio profitability so you can prove to partners, lenders, and yourself that future investment in your portfolio is sound.

Episode 3: Streamlining your portfolio cashflow for scale

In this video, Landlord Studio co-founder Logan Ransley interviews Christian Osgood, a real estate investor who scaled to over 100 units and a resort in only a few short years. They discuss growth strategies that allow you to scale quickly and sustainably, the systems that real estate investors need to build, the challenges of partnerships, how to structure creative finance deals, and more!

Christian Osgood

Real Estate Investor

If you want to operate a profitable rental portfolio, "Sorting out your accounting is one of the first things you need to do," so "create repeatable systems," and remember "five minutes a day is definitely better than five hours a day for two weeks at the end of the year."

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