Rental property tax deductions

Tracking your rental property tax deductions is a crucial aspect of being a successful real estate investor.

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Maximize Your Rental Property Tax Deductions

Understanding and accurately tracking your rental property tax deductions will enable you to identify areas of weakness and opportunities for growth, streamline operating expenses, and maximize end-of-year deductions for increased real estate portfolio profitability.

Episode 2: How to Succeed in Real Estate in any Economic Market with Sharon Lechter & Brandon hall (Part 2)

In this episode, we continue our conversation from episode 1 and dive even further into real estate mistakes and learning opportunities that can make you a better investor and the numbers that Sharon and Brandon pay attention to when analyzing a new deal or the success of their portfolio.

Sharon Lechter

Real Estate Investor

When it comes to finding a good CPA or accountant, Lechter advises, "Ask them how many real estate clients they have because you want to make sure they’re not learning on your dime."

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Track every deduction with Landlord Studio.

How to track rental property expenses and maximize tax deductions

Minimize your tax liabilities by accurately tracking your rental property tax deductions with an industry specific property management and accounting system like Landlord Studio:

  • Connect your bank accounts to view and reconcile transactions for faster and more accurate real estate accounting.
  • Track expenses via the mobile app and make sure you never miss a deductible again.
  • Scan receipts at the point of sale with our in-built receipt scanner for rentals.
  • Easily keep an accurate mileage log using Landlord Studio’s automated GPS mileage tracker.

Never miss a tax deduction for your rental property again and scale your rental business with simplified accounting.

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