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What Landlord’s Need To Know About Tracking Expenses For Rental Properties

One of the major benefits of being a landlord is the tax deductions that you can take advantage of. However, these deductions aren’t always straightforward and at the end of the year filling out a tax return accurately to maximize the benefits associated with landlording can be time-consuming – especially if you haven’t got a system like Landlord Studio to store all your important documentation and record your income and expenses. 

Being organized, and staying organized throughout the entirety of the tax year will save you both time, sanity and money. 

Four Reasons to Keep Records

  1. First and foremost, having detailed, well organized accounts all in one place will make it easier and much quicker to file your taxes.
  2. Keeping accurate accounts means you won’t miss out on any deductions and won’t end up overpaying your taxes.
  3. It will help you file accurate claims as supposed to guesstimated ones. For example, instead of thinking that you paid a contractor around $1,000 at the beginning of the year, you will know that you paid them exactly $875 on January 20th.
  4. The IRS audits thousands of companies each year. If they have any questions about your tax return you will need proof to back up your claim. If you can’t come up with the proof your claim will not be honored, and you may need to pay extra in additional taxes and penalties.

What Records Should You Keep Track Of?

Everything. That’s the short answer anyway. 

The IRS is known for auditing small companies and ignorance is not an excuse. If you show losses for consecutive years you become even more likely to draw the attention of the IRS. Additionally, not all the auditing agents are fully aware of all the nuances surrounding real estate tax laws, making them more likely to question particulars in your claims than a regular business.

To be safe, you should have accessible records of everything.

Permanent Records

It’s not just expense receipts or rental income that a landlord needs to keep track of. There are also several documents that they need to file and keep indefinitely. A few examples of these documents are:

You can store all these documents securely as digital records in the Landlord Studio app. This allows you to do away with endless cabinets of files and shoe boxes of receipts. Instead, everything is neatly arranged inside the app by organization, property, and lease.

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Deductible Expenses

Some examples of deductible expenses that you need to keep detailed records of include but are not limited to:

  • Advertising costs for your property. For example, your listing fees on websites such as Zillow. Or agency fees if you employed an agency to find tenants for you.
  • Professional fees. Eg. your accountancy fees, Landlord Studio costs, legal fees such as legal documents or consultation from Rocket Lawyer’s service.
  • Office expenses like a second phone for business use or office supplies.
  • Rent received
  • Repairs and property maintenance performed.
  • Travel expenses. For example, gas bought for journeys too and from your investment property for the purposes of maintenance or routine inspections.
  • Utilities – if you are paying the utility bills these are a business expense. If these expenses are passed off to the tenant these can be marked in the Landlord Studio app as payable by tenant.
  • Employee wages.
  • Property depreciation.

Please note that allowable deductibles vary widely depending on your location so we advise you seek qualified advice from a licenced professional to determine what is an allowable expense for your particular scenario.

Read our article Tax Deductible Expenses for Landlords for more information on key deductible expenses.

Using Landlord Studio to Track Your Rental Expenses

As part of our mission to improve the lives of landlords and tenants through innovation, we have spent a lot of time optimizing the income and expense tracking in the Landlord Studio software based on user feedback.

Our landlord app makes it easier than ever to not only store relevant documents and record your rental income, but also to keep track of and organize all deductible expenses. You can set recurring expenses, create rent reminder emails, smart scan receipts and let us not forget the professional reports that landlords can generate instantly.

Do away with your excel spreadsheets and boxes of receipts. Instead, let Landlord Studio look after all your bookkeeping needs.

track expenses with landlord studio

Smart Scan Receipts

A feature we released at the beginning of 2020, smart scan allows users to take a picture of their receipts which is stored in our secure cloud server for future reference. The software then automatically lifts and enters the details of the receipt as your expense.

Reconciling from Your Bank Account 

Another feature we developed upon popular user request. This feature allows you to connect your bank accounts to your Landlord Studio account. You can then access your bank account transactions and reconcile income and expense transactions inside the app

For example, you pay $100 for property maintenance. Open the app, go to bank feeds, tap on the outgoing expense, hit reconcile, select the relevant property, and save.

Note: This feature is currently available in the US only but will be rolled out to other countries as we get the green light from regulating bodies.

Manually Enter Expenses

Alternatively, you can enter your expense details manually. This can be done for any expense. However, it is particularly important for the two following reasons: creating recurring expenses in the app, and creating expenses that are payable by tenant.

Set up Recurring Expenses

For recurring expenses such as mortgage payments, so that you don’t have to enter them every month you can set it to automatically recur saving you time and removing any potential human error. 

Payable By Tenants

Not all of the properties expenses are the landlord’s responsibilities. Some expenses will need to be passed onto the tenant. For example, any damage that goes beyond normal wear and tear would be a tenants responsibility. 

What expenses can and can’t be passed onto tenants varies from state to state and from country to country so please check with your local laws and regulations.

Generating Reports

Of course, all this tracking of income and expenses is only as good as the data and reports that you can get out of it at the end.

We have a number of professional reports available across devices. Popular reports include our:

Mobile First

A key benefit of Landlord Studio over other softwares on the market or even over your trusty spreadsheet is that users are able to access their account on any device. This means you can update your accounts anywhere at any time.

You can snap a picture of your receipt in the hardware store parking lot and have your accounting done before your seatbelt is even on.

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Start saving time and take every possible deduction by tracking your rental property expenses in Landlord Studio. Like recording rent or screening tenants, our expense tracking is a key feature used by thousands of landlords around the world. It’s one more step toward simplifying your rental business.

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