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Track Finances with Simplified Rental Accounting  Software

Automate your landlord accounting with our advanced reporting and automate time-consuming tasks to reduce admin work.

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Accounting Software for Rental Properties

With automatic payments and income tracking – collecting and tracking rent has never been easier.

Simple Bookkeeping

Set up automatic rent invoices and receipts, automate late fees, and even your expense tracking.

Go Paperless

No more shoeboxes of receipts. Digitize and store all your receipts in our secure easy to access cloud services.

End-To-End Solution

Rent reminders, generate professional reports, accurately track income, and track expenses.

Why Use Rental Accounting Software?


Accurate Accounts

Speed up your accounting process with Landlord Studio. You can set up recurring expenses, access, view, and reconcile transactions directly from your bank feeds, smart scan receipts, and more.


Scan On-The-Go

Take photos of your receipts. Our proprietary technology scans key information, extracts it, and automatically enters the expense details into your account. No more boxes of paper receipts.


Share Reports With Your Accountant

Need to send your tax reports to your accountant? Generate a professional report instantly, on any device, and share it with them then and there. Your Accountant or CPA will love you for it.

Rental Accounting FAQ’s

How Do I Track Income & Expenses?

Here’s the complete flow for logging income and tracking expenses on our mobile and desktop apps.

What Is Smart Receipt Scan?

This feature allows you to snap a picture of a receipt using your phone. Landlord Studio reads the receipts and inputs the details for you, and at the same time, saves the digitized receipt safely to our secure cloud server so you can access it any time. Learn more about how to use this.


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