Landlord Studio Integrates with Xero

Avoid double entry, save time, and operate a professional, scalable rental business with our seamless Xero integration.

Avoid double-entry, save time, and operate a professional, scalable rental business with our seamless Xero integration.

Our Xero integration allows Landlord Studio users to leverage Xero’s industry-leading accounting and reporting functionality while taking advantage of Landlord Studio’s full stack of property management and easy-to-use cloud accounting tools.

The integration lets you have the best of both worlds with automatic synchronization of financial data. With Landlord Studio, you can track your income and expenses on the go, easily digitize receipts, and manage your properties, leases, and tenants, while Xero takes care of your end-of-year financial reporting.

Advantages of Using Landlord Studio – Xero Integration for Landlords

Benefits of Landlord Studio for landlords

  • Save time with task automation, and features like bank feeds and smart scan receipts.
  • Cloud-based. Access your data on the go from any device, available on iOS, Android, and desktop.
  • Everything in one place. Store important documents, set reminders for key dates, and gain quick insights into your portfolio financials
  • Streamlined property management and accounting. Operate a professional scalable rental business with income and expense tracking, rental listings, online rent collection, and more.
  • Designed by landlords for landlords and trusted by thousands of real estate professionals around the world.
  • An end-to-end solution for property management and accounting, bringing together your properties, leases, accounts, tenants, and more.

Benefits of the Xero Integration for landlords

Save hours every week by integrating Landlord Studio with Xero. Users can view their financial data on either platform at any time with the seamless flow of information from Landlord Studio to Xero. This eliminates double-handling, manual data entry, and headaches come tax time.

  • Automatic synchronization. All financial data entered into Landlord Studio will be synced automatically with Xero. You’ll see accurate data on both platforms, allowing you to level up your productivity.
  • Utilize property management features in Landlord Studio such as document storage, automated tenant communications, invoicing and receipt generation, rental listings, tenant screening, reminders, and more.
  • Leverage Xero’s powerful financial reporting to optimize and plan ahead. By pairing Xero’s industry-leading accounting tools with Landlord Studio’s easy-to-use income and expense tracking interface, you will be far ahead of your competition.
  • Xero for your accountants. Supercharge your property operations and streamline your accounting at tax time. Create an optimized workflow with your accountant so that you can save time and money throughout the tax year.

Advantages of Using Landlord Studio – Xero Integration For Accountants

Work closely with your real estate clients to improve productivity, save both yourself and clients time, and ensure accurate up-to-date books come tax time.

Learn more about Xero for Accountants

Why Your Real Estate Clients Should Use Landlord Studio

  • Easy to use property management software. A property management solution they’ll love.
  • Make tax time a breeze. Help clients to stay organized throughout the tax year and make tax season a breeze for both you and them.
  • Accountant view. Use our accountant view to access and assess your client’s bookkeeping and financials at any time in order to offer advice and value add services.
  • The best solution for you and them. Your clients get to use an easy accounting solution for day-to-day bookkeeping and property management while you employ the powerful accounting and reporting functionality of a platform you’re already familiar with.
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Become a Landlord Studio Partner

Combine Xero and Landlord Studio to offer an all-in-one bookkeeping and property management solution for your rental property clients and realize all the benefits listed above. With Landlord Studio, your clients get easy-to-use income and expense tracking and management tools for their rental properties, so your firm can spend less time chasing and more time engaging.

  • No more paper receipts and messy spreadsheets
  • Arm your real estate clients with the tools for success
  • Get access to accountant-only discounted pricing
Integrate with Xero

Setting up Landlord Studio – Xero integration

Pair Xero’s advanced accounting and reporting functionality with Landlord Studio’s complete suite of property management and real-time income and expense tracking tools.

Setting up your Xero account.

  1. You will need an active Xero account to use this new feature.
  2. We recommend using this Free Chart of Accounts template. Simply import this chart of accounts specifically designed for real estate professionals.
  3. Set up a tracking category for each of your properties. This will allow you to track and report on each of your properties individually within the Xero system.

Visit Xero’s help center for more information on setting up your Xero account.

Setting up your Landlord Studio account

  1. Log in or create a new account with Landlord Studio.
  2. Add each of your properties to the app.
  3. Once all your properties are in the system select integrations in the left-hand menu.

Visit Landlord Studio’s help center for more information on getting set up.

Configuring the integration

  1. Select configure Xero integration
  2. Connect your Xero account
  3. Map your transaction categories: If you use our chart of accounts you can find out our recommended mapping and an example here.
  4. Map your tracking categories and bank accounts
  5. Save

Once you’re set up, all financial data entered into Landlord Studio will automatically be pushed and synchronized with your Xero account. Get your accountant to review your setup to ensure everything is correct, and enjoy an easy, stress-free tax season.