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How To Make The Perfect Tenant Welcome Letter

When you get a new tenant you want to ensure you get the relationship off on the right foot, one thing to do is to create your introductory letter.

This is different from your welcome card or notes that you might include upon moving in with your welcome pack.

This is a letter/ or email that you send out to your tenant before they move in with instructions and useful information to help them move successfully and as stress-free as possible.

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When to send your welcome letter

The best time to send the welcome letter is after the lease has been signed by both parties but before the key handover and move-in days.

The reason for this is because one part of this welcome letter is to inform your new tenant of move-in details, when and how to collect the keys, and so on. 1 to 2 weeks before the move-in date is normally a good time to send the letter.

Some tenants are more proactive than others and may get contact to ask specific questions, like how do they set up utilities way ahead of time. If you get a tenant like this, feel free to send the whole welcome letter. 

One thing to note is if they haven’t yet signed the lease make sure to delete any sections that are sensitive. For example, if you have a lockbox with a code they need to pick the keys up from don’t share the code with them yet. Instead, replace it with a note that details for key collection will be given closer to the move-in date.

What goes into a welcome letter?

Your welcome letter should provide the following information:

  • Next steps and move-in details
  • Setting up utilities
  • Reminder about renters insurance

  • How to report maintenance issues
  • Information on garbage collection
  • Parking information – if relevant
  • Neighborhood guidance
  • Contact info.

Best way to send the welcome letter

The easiest and most practical way to send your welcome letter is by email. It means they can’t lose it, and they can quickly reply if needed with any follow-up questions. Plus, you can include relevant links to things like the local council website with information on trash collection, or with public transport timetables.

We also suggest leaving a printed copy with your welcome package on the kitchen table.

Our Customizable Example

Hi [TenantFirstName],

Congratulations on your new home. We hope you have a wonderful time living at [RentalAddress].

We’ve detailed some useful information in the following letter to help get you settled into your new home as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Next Steps

1. Key Collection

You can pick up the keys at [location] between the hours [eg. 9-5] on [suggested collection date]. If you need to arrange a time outside of these specified time please send us an email or give us a call and we will arrange a convenient time for collection.

2. Move-in Day

As we discussed, your lease start date and the move-in date is [Move in day]. We want to make sure we turn it over to you in great condition so we have a set a Move-in time from [move in time] to allow us to have the property properly cleaned.

On the day of your move, you can park a moving truck [location to park moving truck]. [Any action with the council they may need to take + link].

We suggest hiring professionals to help move your belongings to help the move go smoothly and reduce the likelihood of damage to your belongings during transit.

3. Set up Utilities

You are responsible for setting up your electric, gas, cable, and internet utilities. If you haven’t already set these up here are a few options for the providers in the area:

Electricity:  [Local Utility Company]

Gas:  [Local Utility Company]

Cable/Internet: [Local Utilities Company]

General Information

Renters Insurance

It is well worth getting renters insurance. Whilst we have landlord insurance this does not cover your personal belongings.

We recommend getting an instant online quote from Lemonade who offers renters insurance from as little as $5 a month. This will protect you and your belongings in the case of injury on the property, fire, or theft. 

Paying Rent

Rent needs to be paid on time and in full for each payment period as we have mortgage payments, bills, insurance, and other ongoing expenses to pay. 

You have already paid the deposit and first month’s rent. Your next rent payment is due on [RentDueDate] and on the first of every following month ongoing as per the signed lease agreement.

Please pay rent into this bank account … [bank account details] … or by [detail of how you would like them to pay their rent].

A late fee of $[amount] will be applied as per the lease agreement for each late payment.

Maintenance Requests

Please let us know as soon as possible if you notice anything that needs maintenance attention and we will arrange for appropriate action to be taken as promptly as possible. You can contact us by email (or as is stipulated in the lease) to let us know about any maintenance requests

Trash & Recycling

Garbage and Recycling are picked up from [location]. Please be sure to place all garbage into plastic bags and the trash cans, so that rats and other pests can’t get in. 

Please also be sure not to put the trash into the recycling bin.

Recycling – [Collection days]

Garbage – [Collection days]

The closest dump and recycling center, if you have extra items to dispose of is [Location].


There is on-street parking available. We also have an available garage space which is accessible from [street name].

Neighborhood Tips

There are some excellent local restaurants in the area. These are a couple of our favorites which you may enjoy:

  • [Restaurant name and link to the website.]
  • [Restaurant name and link to the website.]

The nearest bus stop is on [StreetName] and the number [BusNumber] takes you to the downtown area is approximately 30 minutes.

You can find a full list of local transport details on the local government website [Website Address].

The nearest grocery store is [name and address of nearest grocery store].

Contact Information

Contacting me via [preferred contact method] is typically the best way for us to keep track of everything. 

If the case of emergency you can call on: [phone number]

Please use this email for all other communications: [Email Address]

I hope you will be happy in your new home! Please do not hesitate to reach out to me.


[Your Name]

Download Template

All the parts you need to edit are in brackets and in bold in this document. Feel free to use and build on this template replacing the required sections, and editing as desired.

Final Words

Getting your relationship with your tenants off to the best possible start is good practice. Small things like an informative welcome letter and a welcome package will yield fantastic returns on investment. Your tenants will be more respectful of your property and be easier to manage. As the saying goes, ‘a little goes a long way,’ and that is especially true in this scenario.

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