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How To Welcome New Tenants

Awesome! So, you’ve got some new tenants moving in. The rigmarole of creating ads, vetting prospects, and doing all your showings is over. You can relax now… well, almost. There’s one more key thing to do to make sure your tenants have everything they need, and their move in day goes as smoothly as possible, and that’s to welcome new tenants.

What are we talking about? The welcome pack! A welcome pack doesn’t have to be anything extravagant. It’s an informational pack paired with a small gift to get your relationship off on the right foot.

What follows is only a suggestion, however, we have found that taking this extra step helps ensure your tenants know everything they need to know and catapults you into their good books. And as the saying goes; a happy tenant makes for a happy landlord (this may not be a real saying, but it should be…)

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What to Include in a Welcome Pack

Welcome Letter for New Tenants

The first thing to include is the welcome letter. This covers two functions. First, to simply and pleasantly welcome them to their new home. The second, more practical function is to outline all the important information that they might need during their tenancy. 

It is worth emailing this to the tenant as well as leaving a paper copy with their welcome pack.

What to put in the welcome letter:

  • Instructions on setting up their utilities;
  • Reminder that renters insurance is required;
  • Any specific details around move-in day;
  • Move-in day checklist;
  • When and how to pay rent;
  • How to report maintenance issues;
  • Where to throw away trash and recycling and what day trash is collected;
  • Parking information;
  • Contact information and emergency contacts.

Read our Article: How to Make the Perfect Tenant Welcome Letter and download our free welcome letter template.

Welcome new tenants

Legal Documents (UK)

If you’re in the UK, you are obligated by law to provide certain legal information. For this reason we suggest including all this paperwork in your welcome pack so the tenant has it all in one place. 

You need to provide:

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Further Items to Welcome New Tenants

Cleaning Supplies

Okay, so it’s not glamorous. But cleaning supplies are one of those things that are often lost in a move and last to get put on the shopping list (at least on mine).

This is a useful gift and reinforces the message that you expect them to keep the home clean and tidy.

Extra Information About the Area

Depending on the scenario you may want to welcome new tenants with a little extra information about the local area. For example:

  • give them some local restaurant menus; 
  • include information about the town’s cultural experiences (eg. museums); 
  • a copy of the local transport systems maps; 
  • a map for local biking trails. 

What information you include will obviously depend on the location of your rentals. If they are moving from out of town then they might appreciate more information than someone who is moving from up the road. Think about what would be useful for your specific tenants and tailor this to your specific situation.

Toys for Children

If a family with children are moving in you may want to include an age appropriate toy. Not in anyway necessary and you will need to judge the scenario yourself. 

Pet Gifts

People love their pets. Sometimes even more than their children (we joke, of course). This little added gesture shows you care but also lets them know that you are keeping tabs on what animals are in the home.

Bonus Gift

Finally, the fun part of the welcome pack. Including an inexpensive gift when you welcome new tenants will win you major kudos points.

welcoming new tenants

A few suggestions:

  • A box of chocolates or pastries;
  • Packet of tea or coffee with some biscuits;
  • A bottle of wine or prosecco. Bear in mind though that your tenants may not drink alcohol;
  • A fresh vase of flowers.

A welcome gift shouldn’t be extravagant, but it’s a token that your tenant will certainly appreciate and will help ensure they are good tenants throughout their tenancy. What the gift is entirely up to you, and we suggest you use your best judgement to determine what is appropriate and will go down well with your tenants.

A final thoughtful idea for a gift is a voucher to a local takeaway. Moving day can be stressful and there’s a chance that they won’t have managed to unpack everything in the kitchen yet. To save them the stress of rifling through boxes for kitchenware and cooking after a long day, a voucher just goes to show that you care.

You could even do a deal with a local restaurant owner to include the voucher in a copy of their menu in return for a discount on your costs.

Final Thoughts

Starting out the relationship on a positive and professional foot can go a long way towards tenant happiness. A long-term tenant who pays on time and takes good care of your property will provide you a phenomenal return on investment. Keep tenants happy from the start and carry on this relationship throughout their tenancy.

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