13 Best Property Maintenance Management Software for Landlords

Save time, reduce costs, and keep your property in tip-top condition with property maintenance management software like Landlord Studio.

In order to keep your rental property in tip-top condition, you will inevitably need to schedule property maintenance tasks from time to time. This could be to fix a myriad of problems from general wear and tear to electrical and plumbing issues and broken HVAC systems.

This is where property maintenance management software comes into play, as it can help you track and manage your maintenance tasks with ease. Not only is this great in terms of organization, but you can also save money and time.

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Why use software to manage property maintenance?

There are a few reasons why you should start using property maintenance software. If you aren’t already familiar with it, some of the benefits it can provide you with are:

  • Do away with spreadsheets and paperwork
  • Either the tenant or landlord can submit issues
  • Prioritize tasks based on their importance
  • Automatically link to your accounting
  • Manage multiple properties at once
  • Coordinate with your tenants and suppliers on-the-go

Downsides of using property maintenance management software

Despite the obvious benefits of property management maintenance software, there are some drawbacks. Examples of these are:

  • Most good software comes at a price. Those that do offer free plans are often limited in their functionality
  • You will need to take the time to learn how to use the new software
  • Using single-function software can lead to you having to manage multiple programs at the same time

Using Landlord Studio for property maintenance management

As well as being a reliable, user-friendly property management accounting software, Landlord Studio allows users to record and prioritize maintenance tasks, track progress and easily communicate updates with tenants. Drag and drop requests between status columns to change the priority.

Tenants using the online rent collection feature can submit maintenance requests through the tenant portal or even via the tenant app for fast maintenance management.

* (The tenant portal and app will be made available to all tenants and we will be expanding the feature to enable you to easily loop in your preferred contractor.)


To view or edit details of a request, simply click on a request card. This will allow you to view and edit information including:

  • Title
  • Due date
  • Status (New, In progress, Completed)
  • Priority (Low, Medium, High, Urgent)
  • Description
  • Images (up to 5)

The ability to upload photos ensures you have a visual record to go along with each maintenance request. Furthermore, being able to easily update the status, priority, and description allows you to manage each project with maximum efficiency. You can learn more tricks and tips for managing your rentals as a business in guides and advice articles found on Inside Advisor Pro.

Unlike with some property management software, there is no additional cost to use the maintenance management features in Landlord Studio. This means that you can organize your maintenance tasks, collect rent online, and screen tenants all in the same software, with no extra hidden costs. Other features include:

  • Advanced income and expense tracking
  • Accountant approved reporting
  • Connect bank accounts to view and reconcile transactions
  • Digitize receipts at the point of sale
  • Collect rent online
  • Rental listings and application management
  • Tenant screening
  • Accountant access
  • Set reminders
  • Automate rent reminders
  • Send invoices and receipts
  • Xero integration (Quickbooks Integration coming soon)
  • Desktop software and native mobile apps for both iOS and Android
  • And more…


Your first 3 properties with Landlord Studio are completely free. See our full feature list and pricing plans here

Property maintenance management software:


Maintainx was made for mobile users and allows property managers and maintenance technicians to communicate in real time through the messaging service. This makes it an easy app to use when you are on the go.


The free package includes messaging and entries and the essential plan starts at $8.33 per user per month.

Hippo CMMS

Hippo CMMS plans come with unlimited work orders, making it an ideal choice for large companies across a range of industries. However, it is worth noting that there is no team messaging functionality.


Hippo does not have a free package but offers users a 14-day free trial. Pricing starts at $39 per user per month.


FMX prides itself on being a leading provider of facilities and maintenance management solutions that allow its users to streamline processes and increase asset productivity. It is not mobile compatible and has no team messaging functionality.


While features such as transportation scheduling and equipment maintenance are not likely to be useful for the average landlord, FMX does offer a free plan (as well as paid plans from $35 per user, per month).


Fiix aims to help you plan, track and optimize your maintenance and is compatible with iOS, Android, and desktop devices so can be used on the go. It uses AI to spot equipment behavioral trends and also has a freemium plan.


While Fiix has a free plan, there are limits on the number of work orders, work requests, and asset entries. Paid plans (with more features available) start from $45 per user per month.

Limble CMMS

Limble CMMS aims to help you stop using whiteboards and sticky notes to manage maintenance. They claim that you can reduce time spent handling work requests by up to 34% and time communicating with requesters by up to 41%.


Limble CMMS plans start from $40 per user per month.


Latchel is a full-service maintenance management solution. The idea is that the landlord will no longer have to take maintenance calls, as Latchel acts as the front-line communications team. They screen for emergencies and proactively troubleshoot to reduce unnecessary maintenance spending. As well as property maintenance management, Latchel also allows users to organize tasks like house cleaning and furniture assembly.


For users, there is an account fee of $25 per month, plus an additional 80 cents per unit.


UpKeep offers users the possibility of property maintenance without all the paperwork. The idea is that anyone, from tenants to cleaners, can submit maintenance requests from their smartphone. Preventative checks and inspections can also be scheduled.


There is a free plan with limited features and paid plans (with features such as preventive maintenance and reporting) start from $45 per user per month.

property maintenance management

All-in-one property management software:

While there are many maintenance management programs available (as evidenced by the list above), not all of these are suitable for landlords and property managers. Some of them are catered to large corporations in other industries, so end up being over-engineered for smaller portfolio investors.

Not to mention the cost of having to subscribe to an additional program when you might already be using one for other property management-related tasks, such as online rent collection, tenant screening, and rental accounting.

For this reason, it is worth looking into an all-in-one property management software solution that offers all of the features you need, including maintenance management, wrapped up in one tidy package such as Landlord Studio.


Avail offers a way for landlords and tenants to submit and track maintenance tickets online. You can upload photos of repairs, message tenants within the app, and keep a record of the repair costs.

However, Avail’s rental accounting features are still in their early stages, which is something to keep in mind if you are looking for a reliable end-to-end property management solution.


Maintenance tracking is included in the free plan.


RentRedi is integrated with Latchel and aims to save landlords time on maintenance management. However, you do have to pay extra for this service and as such, the cost can stack up if you have a growing portfolio of properties.


Pricing starts from $34 per month for maintenance features, plus an extra $4-12 per unit depending on your plan. This is in addition to the monthly or annual base subscription (from $9 per month).


Hemlane outsources a full-service maintenance offering via Latchel.  This means they offer a 24/7 US-based team that can take maintenance calls or automate and track a landlord’s maintenance workflow through their portal. They claim that by the time you receive your tenant’s request, it contains all of the information and photos required, which saves you stress and time.

The income and expense tracking and reporting features are not as strong as other software, so this is something to keep in mind.


Hemlane plans start from $30 a month.


DoorLoop allows tenants to submit maintenance requests themselves. You can hire a vendor and track within the app, then print a check directly from DoorLoop.


To use DoorLoop, pricing starts at $49 (note that the starter package does not allow you to manage your work orders). For full maintenance functionality, you will have to use the Pro ($79) or Premium plan ($109).


TenantCloud also allows tenants to submit their own requests with photos and videos to help explain the problem, negating the need for the landlord to travel out to the property. You can then create invoices, and keep track of materials used and time spent.


TenantCloud offers both free and paid plans (up to $40+). Maintenance management is included.

Final words

When you’re looking for a property maintenance management solution, consider choosing software that not only helps with maintenance but also offers additional useful features.

Paired with industry-leading rental accounting features, reliable tenant screening, and dedicated customer service, Landlord Studio is the obvious choice for landlords and property managers who are looking for the ideal property maintenance software.

This way, you can organize and track your repairs while also collecting rent online and on time, finding great tenants, and carrying out your rental accounting. It’s a win-win for you, your tenants, and your suppliers.

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