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Find The Perfect Tenant With Tenant Screening Software

Get all the information you need to protect your investment and ensure you select the best available tenant for your property. Our reports include a credit report, renting history, background check, and more.

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How Tenant Screening Services with Landlord Studio Work

Having knowledge of your applicants’ credit history, and understanding what risks they pose is key to selecting a reliable and responsible tenant. The cost of screening tenants is small when compared to the cost of an eviction, which can average between $2500-$3500.

1. Open The App

Open the app and click on the tenant screening option on our bottom menu bar. 

2. Select Your Tenant

Select the property and a current tenant or add a new tenant to the system.

3. Follow The Prompts

Follow the prompts in the app, then simply send it off to your tenant.  

As soon as your prospective tenant authorizes the reports and verifies their identity, the full report will be available inside your account. We’ll also send you an email letting you know the reports are ready to be viewed.

You can choose to pass the $38 report fee onto your tenant or pay it yourself.

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Review Your Tenant Screening Report

We’ve integrated TransUnion’s SmartMove directly into Landlord Studio.

The reports highlight red flags and provide invaluable insights to help guide you in making the best decision for your rental.

Have Total Confidence in Your Tenants

While you can never be certain how a tenancy will play out, with a proper tenant screening you can minimize any risks and ensure you select the best tenant from your available applications.

Review their financial, rental, and criminal history to make sure you know who it really is who’s knocking on your door.

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