10 Best Real Estate YouTube Channels

Real estate youtube channels can be an invaluable tool offering insights and knowledge on a range of investment strategies and tactics.

With over 2 billion users worldwide and 500 hours of video uploaded every minute, YouTube is overflowing with free content, from how to videos to explainer videos. While it can appear to be a sea of misinformation if you don’t know where to look, it can also be a really valuable resource that can help you with all things real estate, from Airbnb investing and house flipping to success stories, fail stories, and everything in between.

We’ve sifted through the misleading clickbait to bring you the 10 best real estate youtube channels.

1. BiggerPockets

BiggerPockets describe themselves as a complete resource for anyone looking to succeed in real estate investing. Their YouTube channel has hundreds of videos about strategy, curing analysis paralysis and house hacking. One thing that BiggerPockets does well is frequent collaborations with professionals in the industry, from investors to CPAs, resulting in a channel that is a one-stop-shop for real estate content.

2. Real Estate Rookie

A branch of the BiggerPockets network, the Real Estate Rookie YouTube channel has all of the same professionalism, distilled into beginner-friendly videos. Their videos show you how to analyze, find and fund deals and break down the more complex parts of the industry. Interviews with rookies shed light on the secrets of those who built their empires while working their day jobs. It’s a great starting point for anyone who is looking to make their way in the world of real estate.

3. Graham Stephan

With an impressive 3.7 million subscribers, Graham Stephan started his career as a real estate agent at 18 and became a millionaire by 26. His videos are based on his own experience of buying, renting, and selling houses from a young age. He also offers investing advice for teenagers, tips on how to make passive income, and guidance on how to retire early from real estate investing. His videos are entertaining as well as insightful, however old you are.

4. Mark J Kohler

With a background as a CPA and attorney, Mark J Kohler shares videos about tax strategy, capital gains, and the do’s and don’ts of partnerships. He aims to help you navigate the so-called maze of legal, regulatory, and financial laws to achieve greater success and wealth. His videos break down complex strategies and make them accessible and understandable. This is a good channel to follow if you’re trying to understand tax strategy in greater detail.

5. Ryan Serhant

Alongside the behind-the-scenes looks into multimillion-dollar mansions, penthouses, and private islands, Ryan Serhant creates motivational videos to help you become the best real estate professional you can be. While Ryan’s videos are not targeted at landlords, in particular, his experiences in the industry are still inspiring and interesting to watch.

6. Max Maxwell

Next on the list of the best real estate YouTube channels is Max Maxwell. Max is a big proponent of educating yourself and his videos focus mainly on the wholesaling real estate strategy. He takes viewers on property walkthroughs and talks through how he evaluates potential investment opportunities. He also offers advice on how to find good deals.

7. Flipping Mastery TV

Flipping Mastery TV is a real estate YouTube channel with a focus on wholesaling and flipping properties. Jerry Norton creates videos about how to find flippable houses and cash buyers and how to make 100 offers a month. Whether or not you are in the industry to flip homes, the advice on securing financing and finding solid deals is worthwhile.

8. Lili Thompson

Lili Thompson’s channel is all about utilizing the BRRRR (buy, renovate, rent, refinance, repeat) strategy to go from beginner investor to well-seasoned pro. Lili documents her real estate investment journey of buying and holding properties, rather than flipping them. If you’re looking for inspiration on how to add value to distressed properties through forced appreciation, this is the channel for you.

9. Tax Smart Real Estate Investors

If you’re wanting to get into the nitty-gritty of tax planning, depreciation recapture, and passive losses, the Tax Smart Real Estate Investors YouTube channel is a deep dive into all things tax and accounting. The channel is also home to the Real Estate CPA video podcasts, which ‘cut through the fluff’ and are jam-packed with knowledge about hard topics.

10. Landlord Studio

Lastly, on our list of the best real estate YouTube channels is Landlord Studio. Landlord Studio is home to a growing collection of videos for landlords, by landlords. On the channel, you will find tutorials on how to get the most out of the purpose-built property management app, as well as insightful conversations with leading industry experts.

Final words

Wherever you find yourself on your real estate journey, the best real estate YouTube channels can help you grow your knowledge and learn new strategies. It is one of the most accessible platforms around and completely free.

Even though not all of the channels listed produce content specifically aimed at landlords, they do offer advice for discovering deals, securing financing, and investing methods. As such, these channels are a great resource for building your property portfolio, whatever your strategy.

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