Pros And Cons Of Online Rent Collection

We look at the pros and cons of collecting rent online versus more traditional methods like cash or check.

Collecting rent isn’t always straightforward. Having the right processes in place and utilizing the right tools can help you optimize your rent collection process so that you avoid late or missed rent payments while simultaneously saving you time.

In this article, we look at the pros and cons of collecting rent online vs. more traditional methods like cash or check.

Cons of Cash

It’s Easy to Lose

Cash can go missing. And if it does go missing in transit there’s no way to get it back, it’s gone.

It’s Easier to Steal

The majority of staff are honest. However, if there are others you employ who might have access to the thousands of dollars of cash coming your way each month, you might find the temptation is just too much for them.

It May Signal Illegal Activity

Many gainfully employed people receive parts of their salary in cash. Restaurant staff tips being one common example. However, there is also a risk that their employment and the source of the cash is more nefarious.

The Pros of Cash

You Get Paid

Sometimes there is no other option. At the end of the day, cash is better than nothing.

No-Risk of Payment Failing

A bounced check or failed online payment could take several days to realize. Plus you can make sure the full amount is there before depositing ensuring there will be no partial payments.

Ultimately, the cons of collecting cash payments for rent outweigh the pros. It’s an inefficient, insecure way to collect rent that could easily lead to greater difficulties and issues down the line.

Cons of Online Rent Collection

Fees and limitations

Depending on the service you use there could be various fees and or transfer limitations. For example, an ACH transfer could cost as much as $35. And reclaiming that fee from your tenant through a convenience fee may not be legal in your state.

Disputed Payments & Chargebacks

There are also some other risks to consider. For example, your tenant may dispute a charge to their account, and often payment providers side with the customer.

Partial Payments

Additionally, with online payments, there is a risk that a tenant might send only a partial payment which you can’t block. This could derail any eviction proceedings currently in process as you will be seen to have accepted a rent payment.

The Pros of Online Rent Payments

Reduce Late Payments with Auto-Pay

The major benefit of online rent collection is that the ease and convenience often results in a reduction in late and missed late rent payment. There’s no more, "I forgot", from tenants, because with software like Landlord Studio they can simply set up automatic rent payments that recur every month.

Fast and Secure

ACH payments can take up to 5 days. However, there are other options that allow for instant transfers. One of the future updates to Landlord Studio’s online payment portal will be implementing instant transfers. Plus because the funds go directly from bank to bank there is no chance of the money getting lost or being stolen. It’s 100% secure.

More Convenient, Better Experience

It’s a more convenient process for everyone. As such it improves tenant relationships – you no longer have chase payments. This in turn frees up time to concentrate on improved customer service and showing vacancies.

Saves you Time and Money

It lowers costs and removes the need for constantly chasing and processing payments. Plus, with Landlord Studio you can automatically track your rental income removing hours of admin every month for your income and expense tracking.

Accurate, Error Free Income Expense Tracking

With digital reconciliation through Landlord Studios bank feeds paired with automatic reconciliation there is no chance of inputting a payment incorrectly, removing costly and time-consuming accounting errors.

Landlord studio dashboard

Online Rent Collection Solutions – Avoid Late and Missed Rent

Landlord Studio ACH Payments

Collect rent through the Landlord Studio App and have the rent automatically reconcile in our software. Create automated rent invoices and receipts, and allow your tenants to easily pay their rent through our online portal straight into your bank account.

Find out more about online rent collection with Landlord Studio →

Zelle Pay

Zelle is one-way landlords are making rent collection easier, more secure, and faster for both themselves and their tenants. Most major banks participate in the Zelle network so if your tenant has a bank account it’s likely that they can pay easily and simply using Zelle.

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Venmo allows you to send and receive money quickly and easily through their app to people on your contact list. You can quickly connect to people through social media, or, like Zelle, you can use their email or phone number if they already have a Venmo account. Although it’s not designed for collecting rent you certainly could use it that way.

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