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Finding new tenants can be one of the more time-consuming and stressful parts of running a rental property. It requires you to get great photography of the property, write an attractive listing with a good title, and find all of the places to list your vacancy.

Once that is done, you then have to sift through and pre-screen all of the tenant applications, run tenant screening reports, and finally, once you have selected a tenant you believe can and will pay the rent on time and in full every single month based off of the data you were able to gather. Not only can this process be time-consuming and stressful, with numerous property viewings and the potential of a nightmare tenant at the end of it. But it can also quickly become expensive.

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To help make things easier we’ve reviewed 12 of the most commonly used websites to list your property for free.

#1 Padmapper.

Padmapper allows tenants to search a map using the zoom function so they can look for rentals in specific areas that they’re favouring. Additionally, there are filters that allow them to get rid of any rentals which do not have the facilities or amenities that they are looking for.

It’s free to add listings to Padmapper and any listings that do appear on Padmapper also will get added to the parent’s site Zumper and syndicated to Facebook Marketplace as well.

#2 is generally thought of as a site for buying and selling homes rather than renting. However, you can in fact use it to advertise and manage rental listings for free.

#3 Zillow

Zillow changed its pricing structure fairly recently. However, you can still create a free Zillow listing for your first listing. This listing is only free for the first 30 days of your first property. After the free period, you will be charged $9.99 per week.

Zillow also owns a number of the other top rental listing sites so that any listing that you put on Zillow will also be syndicated to those as well to maximize your reach. These include Trulia and HotPads which are both under the umbrella of the Zillow group.

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free apartment listings sites

#4 gets a huge amount of traffic, up to 35 million prospective renters per month and they currently advertise on average around 1.1 million listings at any one time.

Plus, because they own multiple other sites such as for, Apartment Finder, Home Living and

They are able to amplify each of the listings that are put on their site through all of their owned sites. The listings are free at a base level. However, they do encourage upgrades to premium listings, which allow you to get your units featured in a large ad and to be filtered as a top search result for 30 days.

#5 Walk Score

Walks Score has a primary focus of ranking homes and apartment buildings based on their proximity to attractions and necessities like grocery stores and the business district. The idea is that it is for people who either do not have a car or don’t want to be using a car on a daily basis for basic needs such as grocery shopping or commuting.

They rank properties using a Walk Score, where those properties located closer to highly desirable places get a better score. This makes it easier for tenants to find properties with short commutes and that are close to amenities and such as dining and entertainment.

Listings on Walk Score cannot be done directly via landlords unless you have more than 15 buildings. However, you can create free rental listings via several different listing providers and have these listings pushed to Walk Score as well.

#6 Zumper

Zumper uses a system of two-way matching to let prospective renter renters search by their top criteria and to let listing owners stipulate their minimum applicant criteria such as minimum credit score.

It is free to post on Zumper. And like Zillow, they own multiple other sites including Padmapper where they are able to syndicate your listing to amplify the number of views and reach that the listing gets.

#7 Craigslist

Craigslist has been around for decades now and is one of the best-known options for finding a rental.

However, it is also one of the least regulated. The listings on Craigslist are free and easy, although you can sponsor a post to help increase the reach. However, listings on Craigslist are also subject to a high number of scammers and time-wasters.

If you do go the route of listing your vacancy on Craigslist, it’s a good idea to take extra steps to outline the basics of your showing process to prospective renters so that renters can tell the difference between legitimate ads such as yours, and illegitimate scams to help prevent scams from succeeding.

partial rent houses

#8 RentDigs

With RentDigs you can create a free listing for your property with multiple images and a detailed description. This site also allows prospective renters to find rent-to-own homes as well as moving company quotes. Once you list rental homes with RentDigs, your rental listings will automatically be posted on,,, and

#9 Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is entirely free, it allows you to upload a detailed description as well as multiple images. Considering that almost everybody has a Facebook account, it is a convenient place for people to quickly and easily search for potential restaurant listings in an area. Plus, with their built-in communication systems handling inquiries is made reasonably simple. However, it’s also less regulated than some of the more tailored platforms such as Zillow, Zumper, or As such, landlords should be wary of low-quality applicants and potential scams.


Despite the name, you can list almost every type of rental on including short term, long term, vacation, furnished and unfurnished, as well as private room rentals. Landlords can post a standard listing for free. However, as with many of the other platforms in this list, a premium listing can increase the likelihood and speed with which you fill a vacancy.

#11 RentBerry,

RentBerry has millions of monthly users on its site. And they syndicate their listings to partner websites such as Doorsteps,,, and Zumper. Landlords can create a basic listing for free on RentBerry by entering the basic property information, the monthly price, and the security deposit. Once again, there are options to upgrade to a premium listing to increase your property’s visibility.


Oodle is a classified ad marketplace similar to Craigslist. You can create rental property listings. And according to the site, millions of people using Oodle, to find apartments, condos, and houses to rent on a monthly basis.

Final Words

Online tools are the best way to get your vacant property in front of as many potential renters as possible as quickly as possible.

According to Zillow, as many as 90% of millennial renters will use an online resource to find their next apartment. Using one of the free websites listed in this article will allow you to get maximum exposure for your vacancy by syndicating across multiple websites. This should quickly gain you a number of leads from qualified tenants who are serious about looking for a place to rent.

Once you have found a prospective tenant you can enter their details into software like Landlord Studio where you can run a tenant screening report, track your properties income and expenses, and start collecting rent online.

Landlord Studio rental property listing
Landlord Studio rental property listing
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Ben Luxon

Ben is the editor and lead writer for Landlord Studio. He has worked with real estate professionals all over the world and written educational articles on tech, real estate, and financial growth for sites such as Forbes, NARPM, and Business Magazine.


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