Landlord Studio:
The best alternative
to Buildium

Landlord Studio is the Buildium alternative that will help you automate your rental management and accounting, with powerful features like bank feeds, receipt scanner, and advanced tax reporting.

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Overview: Buildium vs Landlord Studio

At surface level, Landlord Studio and Buildium may look quite similar. They are both property management software with thousands of users that aim to simplify property management. However, their features and pricing cater to fundamentally different needs.

In this comparison, we explore the features, pricing, and designs that set Landlord Studio and Buildium apart so that you can make an informed decision about which one is right for your needs. 

Who's Landlord Studio Best For?

Tailored for landlords and property managers, Landlord Studio is a user-friendly software which offers a seamless approach to real estate accounting and property management. From automated rent collection to advanced tax reporting.

  • Pricing: GO (Free for up to 3 units), PRO ($12+/mo)
  • Features: Collect rent online, financial reports, real estate accounting
  • Best Suited For: Self managing landlords with small-medium portfolios.
  • Key Advantage: Full-featured, user-friendly interface, and affordable pricing.

Who's Buildium Best For?

Buildium offers a suite of features that cover all aspects of property management. From mobile convenience to exceptional support, Buildium caters to the needs of property managers dealing with scale.

  • Pricing: Basic ($52+/mo), Growth ($166+/mo), Premium ($479+/mo)
  • Features: Tenant communication, mobile portal, financial reports
  • Best Suited For: Property managers with larger portfolios
  • Key Advantage: Extensive features, good support, valuable analytics.

Landlord Studio, Simplified Accounting Software

  • Manage your properties on the go via desktop or mobile app.
  • Save time and money with advanced accounting tools. Connect your bank accounts, digitize receipts, and more.
  • Never experience late rent again with automated rent collection, income tracking, and late fee reminders.
  • Designed to scale as your portfolio grows.
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Landlord Studio


Income & expense tracking

Manual expense tracking

Recurring expenses

Automated bank feeds

Smart receipt scanner

Automatic mileage tracker

Portfolio dashboard

Online rent collection

Collect payments online

Receipts and reminders

Control partial payments

Tenant auto-pay

Reporting & tax returns

Integration with Xero

Tax reporting

Accountant collaboration

Find & screen tenants

Create listings

Manage applicants

Tenant screening

Property management

Track maintenance tasks

Document storage

Native iOS & Android app

What our customers say

“It has reduced my paperwork by about 95%.”


Manages 8 properties

“The reporting function makes tax time so easy.”


Manages 12 properties

“Excellent product with great customer service.”


Manages 3 properties

Why Landlords Choose Landlord Studio Over Buildium

Fast Set Up, Zero Cost

Get set up in minutes with our easy spreadsheet import and intuitive bank feed integration. First 3 properties free.

  • Bring your accounts up to date and start running reports in minutes.
  • Connect your bank accounts to import transactions and reconcile with the tap of a button.
  • Award winning customer support and no onboarding fees.

Tax Time Made Easy

Instantly genSave as much as $500 more per property each year at tax time with streamlined accounting tools and tax reporting designed for you.

  • Stay on top of your accounts with recurring expenses, auto-matched bank transactions, and smart receipt scanning technology.
  • Detailed portfolio insights with over 15 reports accesible on any device
  • Easily share reports with business partners and your CPA.

Tailored For Smaller Portfolios

Landlord Studio offers all the features you need to self-manage your portfolio with an intuitive user interface.

The number #1 rated property management software for landlords with 1-50 units.

  • Track all of your leases and important documents in one place.
  • Automate tenant communications.
  • No complex Chart of Accounts of set up with our default expense categories in line with IRS requirements.
  • Manage all asset types, SFH residential, commercial, short term rentals, and multi-units.
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End to end property management software

From finding tenants and collecting rent to managing maintenance requests, our suite of features will help you save time and run a professional and scalable property portfolio.