Landlord Studio vs. TenantCloud: What you Need to Know

Identify the right property management software for you. One that will save you time, ease your workload, and save you money.

Selecting the right property management software for your needs takes some careful consideration. The right software will save you time, ease your workload, and actually save you money. The wrong software though could add stress and complicate your books. This will prevent you from gaining a complete financial overview of your portfolio and ultimately cost you money in missed tax deductions.

When researching the solutions right for you, the first thing to note is the primary purpose of the software. What are your biggest pain points and needs? For example, do you need to track expenses in real-time and quickly generate professional reports? Or do you need a way to better manage tenant communications and listings?

Once you’ve determined what you need from your property management system you can begin trialing a few to see what saves you the most time, helps you gain oversight of your investment portfolio, and reduces overall stress.

“If you want an all in one solution this app is what you need. It’s so easy to use. If you’re using pencil and paper or excel spreadsheets – get rid of them and make your life easier. And with a free tier there’s really no reason not to try it.”

– Justin Newbury (Real Estate Investor)

Landlord Studio vs TenantCloud

Feature Landlord Studio TenantCloud
Online Rent Collection Yes Yes
Bank Feed Integration Yes No
Multi-User Access Yes No
Advanced Tax Reports Yes Yes
Desktop, iOS and Android apps Yes No
Income Tracking Yes Yes
Expense Tracking Yes Yes
Mileage Tracking Yes No
Automated Reminders Yes Yes
Smart Receipt Scan Yes No
Tenant Screening Yes Yes
Rental Listings Yes Yes
Accountant Portal Yes No

Why are Landlords Choosing Landlord Studio over Tenant Cloud?

Accurate and Fast Accounting

With features like bank feed integration allowing you to view and reconcile income and expenses easily, and accurately alongside advanced customizable reporting, your property accounting just got better.

Capterra best value 2021

Best Value 2021

Landlord Studio is a software designed by and for landlords. We have continuously improved and developed the platform based on user feedback and will continue to do so. Due to our superior range of features, we were recently voted best value out of any property management software currently on the market.

Save Time

Set recurring expenses, automate rent reminders, and tenant invoicing instantly generate receipts, and use our customizable email and SMS templates to speed up regular communications.

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Final Words and Comparison.

Both softwares have key features, but Landlord Studio focuses on income and expense tracking and as such the system is easier to use for that purpose. Tenant Cloud on the other hand focuses more on task management with additional features such as listings, tenant chat, and maintenance tracking.

The two softwares are targeting slightly different demographics, Tenant Cloud is designed for landlords and property managers with a greater number of properties and as such likely outsource their accounting. Additionally, they make money through indirect strategies such as add-ons products, and NSF or failed payment fees. As such the focus is on providing an excellent service in these areas.

For those landlords that are self-managing their books with a need to keep accurate accounts to maximize their tax deductions and reduce an otherwise vast admin tasks, it may be worth exploring a more tailored solution such as Landlord Studio.

Whichever platform you choose, make sure you investigate your options to ensure you get a solution that is right for your needs.

Still uncertain? What do our users say?

“Landlord studio has saved me a lot of time and money. The dashboard is a great way to see your incoming rent and outgoings, the app is multi-platform and I end up using this both on my phone and web browser. It supports many types of properties and is good to keep a track of tenants. A lot of features and I see they are implementing new features on a regular basis.”


Has all the features I would want. Even more impressive is they have a very engaging development team who are open, responsive and supportive to enhancements if you feel there are improvements that can be made.


“This software is everything we need for the management of our properties. We can track the expenses, the earnings, the taxes, that’s just a few things we can do with it. Plus, is so easy to use.”