Financial reporting for real estate

Having quality financial reporting tools is essential if you want to operate a cash flow positive rental business and improve your portfolio profitability.

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Know Your Numbers: Financial Reporting Without The Hassle

If you want to run a cash flow positive rental business you need to know your numbers like the back of your hand. The best way to manage this is to regularly run detailed financial reports. Not only will this help you streamline tax time, but it will also enable you to identify areas of over-spend and make informed decisions for maximizing profitability.

And with modern tools like Landlord Studio running reports is no longer a laborious process. Instantly generate reports when you need them and get on top of your finances without spending thousands of dollars of professional help or hundreds of hours in spreadsheets.

Episode 9: Financial literacy: The key to maximizing your portfolio ROI with Grant Dougherty

In this episode, we spoke with Grant Dougherty a real estate investor and specialist real estate CPA, and discussed some key real estate financial literacy questions including depreciation, cost segregations, and tax-saving strategies.

Grant Dougherty

Real Estate CPA

"Good record-keeping is essential for tax compliance and can save you a lot of headaches during tax season."

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