Self-Managing Tenants for A Profitable Rental Portfolio with Kim Avant-Babb

Episode 4

Logan talks with expert investor Kim Avant-Babb about how she's achieved a 0% vacancy rate over a real estate career of over 30 years.

While many investors opt for property management companies, self-managing your properties and your tenants can offer substantial advantages, from enhanced control to significant cost savings. But, if you want to self-manage your tenants successfully you need to understand best practices at every stage of the tenant management process, from tenant selection to tenant communications.

In this episode of the profitable rental portfolio, Logan Ransley(Landlord Studio’s co-founder) interviews the fantastic Kim Avant-Babb and discusses how she manages her tenant relationships to ensure her real estate investments are as stress-free as possible.

Kim is a real estate investor with a 0% eviction rate over a 39-year career in real estate. She reveals the techniques she employs when forming the foundation of the landlord-tenant relationship, tips for tenant screening, and the mindset that has helped her navigate these often challenging relationships.

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