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Integrate Xero with Landlord Studio

Pair Landlord Studio’s world-class property management and income expense tracking tools with Xero’s powerful accounting capabilities in an easy-to-use synchronized system.

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Complete Accounting Stack

Xero is powerful, but it’s not designed for rentals. This costs landlords time and money and prevents them from scaling their portfolios.

Pairing Landlord Studio with Xero allows landlords to seamlessly use our tailored property management and accounting tools, and the power of the world’s leading accounting software.

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How It Works

Map your Landlord Studio categories, properties, and bank accounts to Xero.

Use Landlord Studio to log payments, track expenses, and keep your properties organized.

Landlord Studio automatically syncs your data with Xero, so you can access advanced accounting and reporting.
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Why Xero + Landlord Studio

Use Xero’s powerful accounting tools without being an expert in professional accounting software.

Easy for Landlords

Record all your transactions and manage your rentals the easy way. With Landlord Studio everything’s in one place.


Auto-sync your transactions to your Xero account to avoid double entry, saving you time and stress.

Powerful Accounting

Unlock the power of Xero’s professional accounting features. Your accountant can easily view up-to-date information anytime.

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Frequently asked questions  

How do I integrate Landlord Studio to a clean Xero account?

If you haven’t yet set up your Xero account, please check out our guide on Integrating Landlord Studio with a clean version of Xero.

How do I integrate Landlord Studio to an existing Xero account?

If you haven’t yet set up your Xero account, please check out our guide on Integrating Landlord Studio an existing version with of Xero.

What kind of Landlord Studio account do I need?

Our Xero integration is a premium feature and so you’ll need to sign up for Landlord Studio PRO. Find out more about Landlord Studio’s pricing .

Where can I find more info about the Xero integration?

You can check out our help docs and learn how to set up Landlord Studio and Xero by heading to this page here.

Do you have a partner program for Xero accountants?

Yes we do. You can learn more about Landlord Studio for accountants by heading to this page here.

Still have questions?

Can’t find the answer your looking for? Please chat to our friendly team or check out our blog here.

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