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List your rental property with Landlord Studio

Create your own customizable rental listing and collect, prescreen, and manage tenant applications all in one place.

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Find the perfect tenants

Make your listing stand out, and streamline the process of managing applications and screening prospective tenants.

Custom website

Showcase your property with your own free listing website, to fill vacancies fast.

Shareable listings

Share your unique link across top rental listing sites like Facebook and Craigslist.

End-to-end process

Prescreen, manage applicants, and run tenant screening reports all in one place.

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Find tenants fast

Create a free rental listing website for your property that showcases the best features.

Easily share your unique listing URL on the best rental listing websites to get it in front of prospective tenants and fill your vacancy fast.


Customized pre-screening

Set customized pre-screening questions, so you can immediately see which applicants are suitable to follow up.

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Manage rental applications

Manage applications from prospective tenants in one place with Landlord Studio’s end-to-end solution.

Quickly run a Tenant Screening Report from within the app, to ensure you select the best applicant, then add successful tenants to a lease.


Simplified tenant screening

We’ve integrated TransUnion’s SmartMove® into Landlord Studio.

Providing comprehensive renting history, credit and background checks, the report highlights red flags so you can make the best decision.

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Rental Listings FAQ’s

How do I list my property online?

Here’s the complete flow for listing your property using Landlord Studio. Learn how to do this here.

How do I manage rental applications?

Generate and manage applications from prospective tenants through your very own rental listings page on Landlord Studio. The full flow for this can be found here.

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