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Automate your rent collection with secure online payments

Make late rent payments a problem of the past. Your tenants can easily and securely pay rent directly into your bank account.

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Rent collection made easy

With automatic payments and income tracking – collecting and tracking rent has never been easier.


Enable Online Rent Collection on your property lease and invite your tenant.


We keep you protected through our streamlined verification check.


Connect the bank account you want your tenants to pay into.

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Automated rent payments

With landlord-specific features like receipts, reminder emails, payment tracking, tenant payable expenses, deposit collecting, and automatic payments, you’ll spend less time chasing payments and more time doing what you love.


Helping tenants pay their rent online and on-time

Payments transfer directly to your bank within 3-5 business days, faster than a check, and without the hassle of visiting the bank.


Accurate accounting

Spend less time managing your books. With online rent collection, we’ll automatically log all your payments and keep your books up-to-date.

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Online Rent Collection FAQ’s

How do I enable rent collection?

Here’s the complete flow for setting up Online Rent Collection using the desktop portal or mobile app.

What are the processing times?

The average transfer times are between 3-5 working days. We are already looking into initiating instant transfers so keep your eyes open!

Can tenants set up automatic payments?

Yes, once they’ve created their account they can turn on auto-pay and set the payment to be made the same time each month.

Can my tenants pay for utility bills?

Yes, you can issue invoices to tenants and easily collect tenant payable expenses using Online Rent Collection.

How do tenants pay?

They will receive an email with a unique one-time link. They simply need to follow this link, set up their account, and then they can log in at any time to pay. Additionally, they can set up auto-pay which will set their rent to be paid at the same time every month.

How secure is this?

Our Online Rent Collection is powered by Dwolla. In an industry where trust is paramount, Dwolla’s sophisticated security practices give landlords confidence that their data is being protected. For more information please see their website.

How much does it cost?

Online Rent Collection pricing is included in all plans and starts at $2.25 / transaction. For more details on pricing, please visit our pricing page.


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