Best Rental Listing Syndication Sites To Advertise Your Rental

Rental listing syndication services allow you to publish your listing to multiple sites at once to maximize exposure and increase the chance of finding the best possible tenants fast.

Vacancies can quickly become a major expense for landlords. Not only do you have to contend with lost rent opportunities, but you still have all of your rental expenses, including mortgage payments, property taxes, utilities etc, and you have to pay for your rental property advertising costs.

This means finding great tenants and finding them fast is essential. Thankfully, there are numerous rental listing sites that you can post your rental listing to in order to get your property in front of as many prospective tenants as possible. 

However, creating and managing accounts on half a dozen sites, recreating your listing for each, and then managing all the leads across all of these platforms can become overwhelming. Which is where rental listing syndication services come in.

In this article, we take a closer look at how you can leverage rental listing syndication to easily increase your listing exposure, to get more leads and fill your vacancy faster.

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What is a Rental Listing Syndication Service?

Rental listing syndication is the process of publishing your listing across multiple websites at once. A rental listing syndication service then, is the tool you use to do this.

The advantages of syndicating across multiple platforms at once, as mentioned above, are that it allows you to maximize exposure without youhaving to manually post your listing on each individual site.

Utilizing a rental listing syndication service can increase the visibility of your rental properties so you attract more prospective tenants, and ultimately fill vacancies more quickly. 

Rental listing syndication services often provide additional features such as centralized listing management, prescreening questionnaires, application management, and tenant screening. The best syndication service though will be integrated into your property management software. Allowing you to bring all of your tools and processes into one place. 

What is a Rental Listing Site?

A syndication service pushes your property listing to multiple rental listing sites. But, what exactly is a rental listing site?

Essentially, a rental listing site is a database of available rentals. Most of these sites have intuitive navigation and filter functions allowing prospective tenants to search for exactly what they’re looking for in their desired location.

These platforms attract thousands (or even millions) of visitors each month and provide a platform for landlords to get their vacant units in front of tenants eager to locate a new home. 

When writing a listing, landlords typically include essential property details such as the address, square footage, included amenities, and photographs of the apartment. These elements, alongside other pertinent information, collectively form a comprehensive rental listing.

Once a compelling listing is prepared, the next step involves publishing it to the top rental listing sites, or even better syndicating it to multiple rental listing sites at once. Below we details the top 5 rental listing sites as well as the top 5 rental listing syndication services.

5 Best Rental Listing Sites

1. Zillow

With approximately 30million visitors per month, Zillow Rental Manager offers immense exposure for listed properties, potentially reaching millions of prospective tenants. Moreover, listing a property on Zillow automatically extends its visibility to it's partner sites: Hotpads and Trulia.

Yet, Zillow offers more than just listing capabilities. Landlords can leverage Zillow to streamline tenant screening and rent collection.

Furthermore, for property managers overseeing fewer than 50 units, Zillow provides its services entirely free of charge. Or you can boost your post for up to 90 days for only $29.90.

2. Zumper

With its user-friendly interface and extensive reach, Zumper is another favored choice among landlords and property managers.

Zumper attracts a wide audience of potential tenants. Additionally, it offers features such as online applications and rent payments, enhancing the rental process.

While not quite as large as Zillow, Zumper's targeted approach and focus on the rental market make it a valuable asset for landlords seeking to fill vacancies efficiently.

Zumper is free for landlords to post their rental on, however, if you want to increase your reach you can boost your post rrom as lillte as $9.90.

3. Facebook Marketplace

As one of the largest social media platforms globally, Facebook Marketplace presents a unique opportunity for landlords to promote their rental properties.

Landlords can create listings directly within the platform for free, reaching a diverse audience of potential tenants within their local community.

Furthermore, the social aspect of Facebook allows for easy sharing and promotion of listings among friends, family and relevant local groups. You can even pay to boost the visibility of your listing using their ad service.

While Facebook Marketplace may lack some of the specialized features of dedicated rental listing sites, its vast user base and social networking capabilities make it a valuable tool for landlords - however, you will need to be extra careful about time-wasters and scammers.

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4. Rentberry

With its extensive database of listings and user-friendly interface, Rentberry facilitates seamless connections between landlords and tenants and even offers tools for online applications, tenant screening, and rent payments.

Rentberyy is free to list your property however, their promotion and syndication feature costs $49.99/mo - making it one of the more expensive options on the market. Alongside their own database, if you choose to syndicate they will push your listing to Walkscore,, Doorsteps, and Oodle.

While it may cater more to landlords with multiple properties or those seeking long-term tenants, Rentberry's comprehensive features and robust platform make it a valuable asset for landlords looking to optimize their rental operations.

5. has a streamlined listing process that takes only a few minutes to go live.

In addition to aiding in the listing process, offers a range of supplementary tools to assist property managers. From background checks and credit screenings to rent collection.

Once you create your listing on it gets pushed out to the rest of the network which includes,,, and is known to attract qualified and serious tenants.

You can list your property for free for landlords with less than 5 units. And as with the other platforms you can pay to boost your listings visibility, which they say will increase your search impressions by 9x.

5 Top Rental Listing Syndication Services

1. Landlord Studio

Topping our list of rental listing syndication services is Landlord Studio.

With Landlord Studio, landlords can effortlessly create a visually appealing rental listing with a customizable website and a promotable URL. In just a few clicks, users can syndicate their listings across major platforms such as Zillow, Trulia, Hotpads, and Zumper, ensuring maximum exposure to potential tenants. All completely free of charge.

No need to create multiple accounts and easily manage all of your leads and applications in one centralized locations.

But that's not all – Landlord Studio offers a plethora of additional features to streamline the rental process. From prescreening questionnaires and application management to comprehensive tenant screening and rent collection functionalities, Landlord Studio provides landlords with all the tools they need to find great tenants fast and manage tenants better so they stay for longer.

Landlord Studio not only simplifies the listing and promotion of rental properties but also offers a comprehensive suite of property management tools to streamline every aspect of the landlord's role. From managing your rental property bookkeeping and filing taxes to managing property maintenance requests, communicating with tenants, setting personal reminders, and managing leases.

Landlord Studio truly stands out as the top choice for landlords seeking an all-in-one rental management solution.

2. RentecDirect

RentecDirect offers a broad range of syndication partners including, Zillow, Oodle,, and Zumper. By making a single post on RentecDirect, users can effortlessly distribute their listings across these platforms, maximizing exposure to potential tenants.

Rentec Direct charges a fee to syndicate to the two main sites, Zillow and Zumper. And you will need to create an account on the property management platform. Pricing starts at $45 per month.

3. Avail

Another rental listing syndication service, Avail, owned by unsurprisingly syndicates rental listings to it's parent company as well as the network, Zumper, and Padmapper. Noticeably Avail no longer syndicates to the Zillow network which is a big missed opportunity.

Designed for small portfolio landlords, Avail offers a free plan for their software, which includes basic property management features like listings, tenant screening, and rent collection. If you want more advanced features pricing starts at $7 per unit.

4. Buildium

Buildium, a robust property management software, designed for larger portfolios and property managers.

You can push your listing to all the top sites including, Zillow, Zumper, and Craigslist. Streamlining the process of reaching potential tenants. It also offers all the tools you'd expect from a property management software and more, so you can manage your team and scale the portfolio under management.

Because of it's target demographic all of this comes at a cost. Pricing starts at $55 p/m with their growth and scale plans costing $174 p/m and $375 p/m respectively.

5. DoorLoop

Lastly, DoorLoop offers a full suite of property management features including a listing syndication service. Syndicate to Zillow, Trulia, HotPads, and Apartments List.

Alongside this they offer all the popular tools you'd expect from a property management software, such as applications, tenant screening, and rent collection.

With plans starting at $59 per month for up to 20 units, DoorLoop is one of the more expensive options on the list. 

Final Words: The Best Rental Listing Syndication Sites

Finding tenants quickly and efficiently is essential for landlords and property managers looking to maximize their rental income. Utilizing rental listing syndication services can significantly speed up this process by increasing the visibility of listings across multiple platforms. Among the top contenders for listing your rental are sites like Zillow, Zumper, and which collective attract over a hundred million views per month.

When it comes to rental listing syndication, you need to look for an affordable solution that will allow you to push to those big sites. And ideally, your service shouldn't stop there. It should offer a full experience for streamlining the tenant selection process with prescreening quetions, lead and application management, rent collection and lease management.

By doing all of this well, with a simple to use interface, and a streamlined listing and syndication process, Landlord Studio makes it easy for you to get your listing in front of more tenants. More eyes on your listing means more leads, and more leads means more options ,so you can select the best possible tenant.

Landlord Studio pairs stunning rental listings, with easy syndication, and a full suite of property management features – all for free.

One purpose-built tool for finding and screening tenants, collecting rent, managing maintenance, tracking income and expenses and filing taxes. Create your free account today.

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