Landlord Studio Partners with Sure To Close Protection Gaps For Landlords And Renters

Landlord Studio and Sure have partnered up to offer both home warranty protection and renters insurance embedded directly in the Landlord Studio platform.

We’re excited to announce our partnership with Sure

Using Sure’s insurance infrastructure and innovative technology, Landlord Studio now extends value-added coverage to both sides of the landlord-tenant relationship with home warranty protection and renters insurance embedded directly in the Landlord Studio platform.

“The Landlord Studio team can now deploy our technology to offer frictionless experiences that integrate multiple product offerings directly in the Landlord Studio platform. It’s a win-win for both sides, and I’m excited for the next evolution of our partnership,” said Wayne Slavin, co-founder and CEO of Sure. 

What this partnership means for landlords

Maintenance-related costs can be some of the biggest expenses that property owners face. With Sure’s home warranty protection seamlessly integrated into Landlord Studio, property managers and landlords are provided better coverage than ever to help them operate sustainable and profitable rental businesses.

This home warranty protection enables landlords to get affordable protection for appliances and systems in their rentals and is ideal for investors looking for solutions to keep maintenance costs down.

“With Sure, we’ve not only been able to expand access to renters insurance for tenants but grow the partnership to create additional value for landlords. It’s been exciting to evolve alongside Sure to bring more capabilities to our community directly within one environment,” said Charles Chan, CEO of Landlord Studio. 

What this partnership means for tenants

While renters insurance is often required to better protect both tenants as well as landlords, the process of securing it can be time-consuming and confusing. Landlord Studio is now using Sure’s APIs to embed renters insurance directly into the leasing process, removing barriers and seamlessly providing renters with the protection they need at the time they need it most. 

About home warranty protection

A home warranty entails a service agreement designed to cover the expenses associated with repairing or replacing your home's appliances and systems in the event of failure due to typical wear and tear and is designed to save property owners money on routine maintenance. 

It's important to note that a home warranty differs from home or landlord insurance, which safeguards your home's structure against natural disasters like floods and fires, as well as theft.

A home warranty can be tax-deductible

The home warranty expense for a rental property can be classified as an operational cost, rendering it eligible for tax deductions allowing investors to reduce their tax bill whilst simultaneously giving them additional protection.

How to get Sure home warranty protection through Landlord Studio

We have seamlessly embedded Sure’s home warranty protection into the Landlord Studio software.

There are several ways to access this new offering. The easiest way is through the Landlord Studio Offers page.

Simply select “Offers” on the left-hand menu.

Here you can view a range of useful resources and offers including landlord insurance by Steadily and of course Sure’s home warranty protection. 

It is also built directly into Landlord Studio’s maintenance management system.

About Sure

Sure is the global insurance technology leader that unlocks the potential of digital insurance. Global brands and market-leading insurance carriers from the Fortune 500 build and launch sophisticated embedded insurance products on Sure’s SaaS infrastructure to distribute, service, and scale digital insurance. Sure’s insurance expertise combined with its technology increases revenue streams and accelerates market growth while revolutionizing the customer experience. 

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About Landlord Studio

Landlord Studio is a leading provider of income and expense management technology for real estate investors with small to medium portfolios. In business since 2014, Landlord Studio is used to manage tens of thousands of properties across the US and UK and is growing fast thanks to its full suite of property management functionality that includes online rent payment, Xero integration, tenant screening, and property maintenance.