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Bank Feed Integration Product Update

Imagine this.

An app that not only allowed you to keep all your files and documentation stored safely on the cloud; that ensured you never forgot important property inspections; and automated rent reminders for your tenants to ensure they paid on time in full, every month.

But most impressively, what if it could connect to your bank account, recognise rent payments, and automatically reconcile your incoming and outgoing expenses so that your accounts never fall behind again.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

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Well, have we got some news for you!

We are happy to announce the PREVIEW version of bank feeds for USA and Canada! 🥳

You can now connect your bank account via our desktop website. Over the next few weeks, we will toggle this on for the mobile apps. During the preview phase where we refine this and learn how it is used, there is no extra charge.

After the preview is over, we will be adding a small charge to use this service to offset our costs.


UK users – we are currently confirming with FCA the requirements to allow us to enable this feature in the UK.

Rest of the World – Our provider is rolling out in many countries, as soon as they announce a roll out into your region, we will enable this feature for you.

What exactly is bank feed integration

We have integrated with Plaid to enable our users to connect their bank account feeds with their app. What this will means is that you’ll be able to see your connected bank account feed in our app and with the single tap of a button reconcile incoming rent and outgoing expenses, making it easier than ever to keep track of your rental payments and outgoing expenses.

We won’t be stopping there though. As we mentioned before this is just the Beta version. We will respond to user feedback and hope to fully automate the rent collection process in time.

Giving our users more ability to scale their rental portfolios and manage their investments, wherever, whenever.

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