7 Tips To Successfully Advertise Your Rental With Social Media

Using social media to advertise your rental is an easy way to get your vacant properties in front of thousands of prospective tenants.

There’s no arguing that social media is a powerful tool when it comes to marketing. Content posted across all of these platforms has the chance to reach a broad, diverse audience and be viewed by thousands of people.

Many landlords are realizing the benefits of using digital marketing to advertise their vacant rentals. In a highly competitive market, finding new tenants can be hard work. Using social media is an easy way to get your available properties in front of a large audience of potential occupants.

Here are seven tips that will help you successfully advertise your property with social media:

1. Plan Out Your Social Media Campaign

Before anything else, it’s good to have a clear idea of what you want your social media marketing to achieve. From there, you can draw up a plan on how to reach those goals and make sure that what you’re posting is in line with them.

One of the best ways to ensure that your social media campaign is successful is by mapping out a plan before beginning. Sit down and consider what you want your property to achieve, and then set goals for how far out you would like this success to reach.

This includes planning and creating eye-catching visuals which can be used in posts, as banners on platforms like Facebook, or a banner for your YouTube channel, with tools like Wepik, a great Canva alternative.

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2. Post The Right Kind Of Content

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Advertising your property on social media doesn’t just mean posting your rentals on all social media platforms and calling it a day. One of the best ways to reach a wide range of people across multiple demographics is by posting a variety of content.

In addition to posting pictures of your property, consider sharing articles relevant to the local community, videos, infographics, or even GIFs. Doing this can help increase the engagement level of your posts since exciting content will make people become enticed to look through your other posts as well.

Also, take note that different platforms need different kinds of content. Posting the right content on the right platform can significantly increase your engagements and increase your chances of attracting potential renters!

Here are some platforms you can utilize:

  • Facebook – This is perhaps the most versatile social media site perfect for property marketing. Facebook allows you to post updates, talk to clients, curate reviews, and it even has the Marketplace feature where you can quickly put up listings!

Make the most of this platform by publishing posts that include both stunning visuals and well-written texts. Your Facebook page can have anything from news stories to before and after photos of the renovations, you have completed on properties for rent.

  • Twitter – This site is used more for PR and developing a community. It’s a critical tool for landlords to reach out to potential tenants, particularly younger prospects who might be on this social platform more than others.

Because of how tweets work, make sure to keep texts short and exciting and choose the best photos that showcase your property well.

  • Pinterest – This is perhaps the most visual platform on the list. You can use Pinterest to curate photos or short videos of interior design ideas, the beauty of the area your properties are in, and your vacant rentals.

This social media platform allows you to show your potential tenants what your property looks like instead of merely telling them through words.

  • Instagram – As another highly visual platform, aesthetically pleasing photos and a curated feed are a must for Instagram. Show off the best, most stylish photos of your properties and add interesting captions to your posts.

Try to keep in mind that although Instagram posts can include lengthy text, images are the ones that take center stage on this platform, so keep captions brief yet engaging.

  • LinkedIn – Although this isn’t the best platform to meet prospective clients, it’s still a great place to build up a network and establish your social media presence.

Also, if you’re listing a condo or apartment complex, post an article about it on Linkedin Pulse to share newsworthy information about your property with professionals in your area.

  • TikTok – This platform is relatively new and probably not somewhere you’d expect to see property marketing. Still, TikTok allows its users to create videos even if they don’t have any video editing experience.

One way you can add a professional touch to your TikTok videos is with easy-to-use AE templates (After Effects templates). There are many free and paid AE templates available online that you can use to make your TikTok videos stand out.

You will want to use the TikTok platform to create short, fun videos about your properties, like a timelapse or a quick tour. You can even use the videos you make here on other social media platforms.

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3. Leverage Hashtags To Increase Reach

Hashtags are an essential ingredient for the success of your post since these are what allow your content to reach your target audience. Using hashtags on your posts makes them more accessible because when people search for a particular hashtag, your post will be there, ready for them to view.

Aside from using specific tags like the property’s location or the type of unit, try to use general real estate-related terms to reach other potential buyers. Even if the property you put up for sale isn’t the one they’re looking for, at least they’ll still be directed to your social media feed and can look through your other posts.

4. Promote Your Listing With Paid Social Media Ads

Unlike the others, this one is not free, but it is still a very effective way to market your properties. Many social media platforms offer paid advertising services that help posts or accounts reach a wider audience, so you can use these to get more exposure.

Social media advertising is relatively affordable and gives you the chance to create custom advertisements specifically for your property. You can set a budget and determine the specific audience you want your ads to reach, and other users closely matching this criterion will see your advertisement while browsing their social media feed.

You can also try targeting multiple ads within the same group of people. For example, one ad might target young singles wanting an apartment in a cool neighborhood while another targets young couples looking for a safer environment.

5. Optimize Your Content For Local SEO

When it comes to marketing, organic SEO (search engine optimization) is king. Not only does this make your posts accessible when people search for them, like with hashtags, but it also makes all of your posts more visible on social media platforms that aren’t necessarily real estate-oriented.

Your goal is to put your vacant rentals in front of as many people as possible, so you want to make sure that anyone searching for properties in the area will be able to find yours.

When you attach your correct address and post specific details about your property (such as bedrooms or bathrooms), it will show up on Google Maps when someone searches for rentals in your general vicinity, which is great for getting eyes on your vacancy.

Also, be sure that you use keywords within all content that describes aspects of the property. This will boost its chances of showing up when someone searches on sites like Google+Local or Yelp.

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6. Use Engaging and Eye-Catching Photography and Graphics

Although text plays an essential role in social media, images are also crucial, so it’s best to use them well. Make sure that the photos you post are clear and crisp so that they render well on mobile devices.

If you don’t have any graphic design experience, there are now many available tools and apps that allow anyone to create stunning graphics without needing any expertise. You can use these to create eye-catching images for your posts, and you can even get inspiration from other users.

Canva, for example, is a great tool for quickly adding logos, property addresses, enhancements, and overlays to your images.

7. Engage With Your Audiences

Post your listing link into relevant groups, reply to comments, share similar posts, and talk about relevant topics to get involved with your community. Engaging with your audience helps build your network, make your presence known, and build trust with your followers and prospective tenants.

Plus, getting to know your audience is the best way to tailor your posts and advertisements to achieve outstanding results.

Final Words

A comprehensive digital marketing strategy is essential for success fro everyone from dentists to real estate investors, including website optimization, content marketing, SEO, and social media marketing.

As such, by using the right tools you can not only find prospective tenants fast but also optimize your processes to ensure you select the best available tenant from all of your applicants. With a tool like Landlord Studio, you can create your own custom listing and share the link on sites like Facebook. Applicants can then apply via your unique website and go through our prescreening questionnaire. This enables you to filter out time-wasters and ensure all prospects meet your minimum criteria.

Once you’ve conducted your viewing you can then easily manage all your applicants from inside the Landlord Studio app and run a tenant screening report on your top applicants before offering them the rental.

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