Maximizing Rental Income: Strategies for Setting the Right Rent

We’ve teamed up with leading rental industry experts to explore how to run market comparison and set the right rent rate for your rental property.

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Why watch this webinar

The amount of rent you can charge is dictated by a number of factors - property type, size, location, demand, and more. And while setting the rent too high could see tenants going elsewhere, resulting in drawn-out vacancies, setting the rent too low means leaving money on the table.

Because of this, setting the rent isn't a one time thing. Landlords and investors need to be doing a full rent review every year to ensure their property is in line with market rates.

To help us explore how you can assess a property's potential, do a market comparison, and settle on that perfect number, we've partnered with industry experts from Dwellsy rental marketplace.

We'll dig into the numbers and explore practical advice, backed by data, on how you can set the perfect rent rate each year so you can maximize ROI and minimize vacancies without the stress.

Hosted by: Logan Ransley, Landlord Studio Co-Founder and Jonas Bordo, Dwellsy CEO

Where: On Demand

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In this webinar you will learn

  • What factors influence the rent rate and how to estimate a property's potential
  • How to do a comprehensive rental market comparison
  • Tools you can use to easily compare rental properties
  • Legal considerations when setting and raising rents
  • Maximizing rent rates and minimizing vacancies