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The mobile app is incredible, and when it comes to tax time, clicking a few buttons and sharing with our tax advisor has been a dream. Thanks Landlord Studio!”

– Alisa R

“I was looking for a software that I was able to screen tenants on, collect rent through, track all of my income and expenses for each unit. And Landlord Studio fit the bill there. I’ve been using it for a few months and love it. The customer support is just unrivaled.”

– Kelby D

“It’s a no-brainer. It’ll make your life so much easier. You can find out everything you need to know about your portfolio in a few quick taps.”

– Eric G

“If you want an all in one solution this app is what you need. With this app you can get rid of paper and spreadsheets.”

– Justin N

“Give it a shot! That’s what I did. This app really organized how I manage my business made everything more efficient.”

– Nick B

“With Landlord Studio I can track income and expenses and manage my properties if I’m at home, on my lunch break at work, in the car.”

– Tapiwa W

“It’s so much easier. Put it all in there, take a picture of your receipt and you’re done!”

– Zachary W

“It’s excellent for any landlord with one property up to multiple. I highly recommend testing it out and seeing if it’s the right solution for you and your business – it has been for me.”

– Ryan S

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* Free 14 day trial. No credit card required.


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