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Ditch the spreadsheets and make tax time a breeze


Claim the maximum allowable rental property tax deduction without the stress, with easy income and expense tracking tools and our specifically designed Schedule E report.

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Simplify Schedule-E completion

Rental property tax doesn’t have to be a hassle. We make it easy to complete your IRS tax filing for your properties with powerful accounting and reporting tools designed to save your time and money.

Tax Reporting

Instantly generate accountant-approved financial reports including our specially designed Schedule E report.

Streamlined Bookkeeping

Set up recurring expenses, and ensure accuracy by reconciling transactions directly from your bank feeds with our secure connection.

Receipt Scanner

Get rid of messy paper receipts, never miss a deductible expense again, and ensure tax compliance. Digitized receipts are easily accessible from any device at any time in our secure cloud server.

Mileage Tracker

Use our in-built mileage tracker to keep an accurate up to date record of all your travel expenses to ensure you make an accurate claim.


Rental property tax made easy with Landlord Studio

Get rid of outdated spreadsheets and paper receipts. Keep accurate up-to-date books for your rentals.

Scan receipts, connect bank accounts to reconcile transactions, and automate income collection.

Instantly generate any of our tax reports including the Schedule E report as .CSV or PDF files.

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Real estate tax accounting that goes the extra mile

With expense categories designed for the real estate sector, time-saving bookkeeping tools you can use on the go, and a range of powerful reports it’s easier than ever to calculate tax on rental income, maximize deductions, and improve profitability.

Cloud-based accounting

Stay on top of your rental property bookkeeping throughout the year with advanced cloud-based accounting tools including bank feeds for fast expense reconciliation and automated income tracking.

Give your accountant peace of mind

Give your accountant access to your financial data and easily share reports and documents with property owners and business partners and ensure your books are error free.

Accounting software integrations

Use our Xero integration to seamlessly sync all your financial data to Xero, avoid double-handling of data and increase your accounting accuracy.

Integrate with Xero
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* 14-day free trial. No credit card required.

Track Income & Expenses

Easily manage income and expenses, gain financial insights, and make tax time a breeze.

Online Rent Collection

Never worry about late rent again with fast, secure payments direct to your bank account.

Find & Screen Tenants

Comprehensive tenant screening and application management to find the best tenants fast.

Property Maintenance

Easily track, prioritize, and manage maintenance tasks and ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

Rental Property Tax Accounting FAQs

How do I complete Schedule E?

Landlord Studio has a built-in Schedule E report that you can download with a click or share with your accountant. 

Find out more about Schedule E (form 1040) here.

How do I share reports with my accountant?

You can share reports easily with just a few taps, or invite your accountant to access your reports at any time.

Find out about our accounting software integrations.

How do I track income & expenses?

Here’s the complete flow for logging income and tracking expenses on our mobile and desktop apps.

Find out more about rental accounting here.

How does Receipt Scanner work?

This feature allows you to snap a picture of a receipt using your phone. Landlord Studio reads the receipts and inputs the details for you, and at the same time, saves the digitized receipt safely to our secure cloud server so you can access it any time. Learn more about how to use this.

Can I generate a 1099-MISC report?

You can generate a Supplier Expense Report directly from your Landlord Studio account. This can be used to fill out a 1099-MISC tax return. Learn more about how to do this here.

We started using Landlord Studio about 2 years ago, before that, it was the old-fashioned spreadsheets. We really like the reporting aspects of Landlord Studio – it automates things that used to take me minutes (and sometimes hours) to complete.

Jason A.
Owns 25 Units

Great easy-to-use landlord application and website, love it, it’s made my life soooo much simpler, the reports are excellent, and the service is second to none.

Johnny H.
Own 2 Units

The best platform we’ve come across. The system is easy to use and we enjoy both the app and website. I love that our company is copied on tenant emails and it has our company’s name! The reports are extremely helpful. Thanks!

Jess T.
Own 4 Units

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