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Some Mighty Exciting New Features for Landlord Studio

New Feature Release: Improved Landlord App UX Design

A slow clap began in the Landlord Studio board meeting last week. One that quickly turned into thunderous applause. 

Logan threw his hat into the air, “we’ve done it again!” he shouted, watching his cap spin out the window. It slid out of view, and into freedom.

“What? What have you done?” The questions crept out of the ether of the internet to dull our glorious celebration for a moment.

“We’ve gone and made our app the best one out there!” Charles (CEO and Founder at Landlord Studio) proclaimed loudly in retort.

“Again? When wasn’t it the best?” The thought sprang unbidden into our midst, casting a questioning shadow over our jubilation.

Charles stuttered, unable to think of a time when Landlord Studio hadn’t been the finest property management app in all the world

“Well, we’ve made it even better!” This bold statement was accompanied with a broad grin and a self-righteous fist pumped the air. 

The cheers renewed their ferocity around the table.

new app features

What’s Changed?

As fun as our introduction was to write, i’ve been informed that it was perhaps less than informative. So, here’s some actual information for you…

As we frequently release new updates, from minor bug fixes to game changing new features, it inevitably begins to affect our softwares user experience.

With that in mind we’ve spent the last three months rebranding ourselves, and doing a complete overhaul of our Property Management Softwares’ UX!

We’ve cleaned it up, simplified it, and reorganised everything so that it’s even easier to navigate! Plus, there’s a bunch of new app features that will undoubtedly make you giddy with excitement.

We’ll start with the new dashboard. 

Imagine a world where your property management app could show you, at a glance, just how awesome and successful your property business was?

We’ve introduced new tabs displaying, Cashflow, Net Worth, & Yield.

New Features App Udpate
New Features App Udpate

“What else?” you ask.

We’ve also got a new calendar, and rethought our property dashboards too. Plus, we’ve added shortcuts to speed everything up!

All this is repackaged in an easier and more intuitive design, getting ready for the big feature updates that are coming later in the year!

Our premium product Bank Feed Integration is almost here! Users will be able to join our Beta test group next month.

When will these changes take effect?

We’ve already started the process of releasing these updated features for our users! 

However, in the interest of not terrifying our loyal users with everything at once, we’re releasing the updates gradually.

Updates will be released over the next few months, first on iOS devices, followed by desktop and finally for Android.

What do our users need to worry about?

Absolutely nothing!

We’ve spent a lot of time thinking about this – and we appreciate that big changes can take a while to get used to. Which is why we are rolling the release out in stages, easing you in slowly to our new and more awesome user experience.

If you’ve got any questions or need any assistance navigating our new app design contact us at: 

Enough words! What is this Actually going to look like?

Out With The Old

Landlord Studio Product Image

In With The New

landlord studio property management accounting

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