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Property Management App – Landlord Studio vs. TenantCloud

What Property Management App Should You Be Using?

Whilst out surfing the internet you’ve no doubt come across our competition. If you’re here it probably means you’re still trying to work out what platform is best for you.

So, in the nature of transparency we thought we’d write an, only moderately biased, article about it. To help you make up your mind.

Which of our competitors are we going to do the favour of representing here?

Landlord Studio vs. TenantCloud 

We’ve been asked a couple of times what the difference between us and TenantCloud is and thought this would be a good place to start. We’re going to take this opportunity to – quite shamelessly – outline a few key differences that separate us from the competition, and from Tenant Cloud especially.

First Things First

We aren’t knocking TenantCloud. If we were I wouldn’t be stuffing so many TenantCloud targeted keywords into this article. They have a solid software with plenty of good features. But, they aren’t Landlord Studio – and that’s a bit of a problem for them, what with us being so awesome.

You don’t have to trust just us though – why not check out what our users have to say. (Did I say we’d be only moderately biased? I lied… but you’ve read this far you may as well carry on.)

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Our Key Difference – We’re Mobile First 

Why is this important?

Back in the beginning, when Landlord Studio was still in its embryonic stages. A whiffling sniff of an idea niggling at the back of our founder Charles’ mind (yes those are all real words), he was looking for something to manage his own properties.

However, there wasn’t anything that offered him the practical functionality that he wanted. He needed something that he could use on a mobile device to help him manage his properties on the go and optimise his time. So, he set about creating a solution.

Mobile applications offer time saving practicality. 

Imagine this:

You’re on the bus in Morocco – Marrakesh is a pretty incredible place if you ever get the chance – anyway, you’re on the bus, and despite your skepticism the rickety thing does indeed have WiFi onboard as advertised. You get a notification from your bank saying rent payments have gone into your account.

Now one of two things can happen:

Scenario 1

You stand, the bus is cramped but your laptop is in your bag which is in the compartment above. Apologising to the man beside you – who gives you a dirty look, but makes no attempt to get out of the way – you manage to get your laptop out. Now all you’ve got to do is connect it to the dodgy bus WiFi, open up the login page, sign into your software, and manage your payments. 

Well, all that is easier said than done. The man beside you says something in Arabic as you open up your MacBook, you smile nervously at him, he sends back a friendly grin and then leans in, too close for comfort, seemingly unaware of personal space, to watch what you’re doing.

Your device fails to connect to the WiFi, but you keep trying until the battery depletes, and the screen goes dark. Your Moroccon friend has long since lost interest and is having a heated conversation with the man in the seat behind you. 

There are no plugs. You sigh, and with irritation tuck the device into the seat pocket. You’ll just have to remember to update your accounts next time you have a good signal. Stressed, and irritated that another task is interrupting your holiday, you make a note on your phone with a reminder. 

Scenario 2

You nod quietly to yourself pleased to have more money for excellent Moroccan mint tea. You open the app on your phone and log the payments to update your accounts. At the same time you check your notifications and reminders, as well as checking if anyone still needs to pay. Then you close the app and go back to listening to the Bigger Pockets podcast.

You watch the sun set behind the mountainous desert horizon, the last rays of golden light illuminating a goat that’s somehow climbed into the upper limbs of a twisted Argan tree. All the while the exuberant exclamations of Brandon Turner are enthusiastically convincing you of your potential.

landlord studio is better than tenant cloud

If this entirely theoretical scenario doesn’t convince you to go mobile, then I really don’t know what will.

Now the more perceptive of you will at this point be thinking to yourself, “but TenantCloud does have an App.”

Our response to that is simple. TenantCloud is a desktop first property management software. Nothing wrong about that (aside from having your laptop stolen whilst you’re travelling), but Landlord Studio was designed for mobile. The user experience is just better.

Why do you think Tenant Cloud only has only 3.8 stars on the Google Play?

Plus, it doesn’t hurt that we’ve spent the last two months redesigning our UX to streamline user experience further. Saving our users more time than ever, and giving an even better overview of Cashflow and Net Worth.

This new design will be rolled out for iOS  and desktop over the next month – followed by Android.


Differences Deep Dive

For a deep dive into the different features and benefits of the various apps out there you are going to want to hit up an unbiased review site like

We can’t possibly go into as much detail as websites like who have done a great job really evaluating the competitive market – nor do we think it would be right to ask you to trust only us in this.

However, what we can do is present a screenshots of our own software to demonstrate how simple and straightforward it is.

landlord studio property management accounting

The above screenshot is our new UX design that is only released on iOS but will be rolled out to desktop and Android soon!

Our dashboard is designed to give you as much information as you need as easily as possible on the smaller device screen. Plus it is designed to be easily navigable and highly practical to use.

Every design feature is there to save you time.

Compared this to TenantCloud where the ease of use and information access is lost on smaller device screens.


For obvious reasons this article is wildly skewed in favour of our own software – which is pretty great – as our user reviews attest to. We’ve been quite light-hearted throughout this blog, but we are very serious when it comes to our property management software.

We believe in building features that our users want and need . And we frequently ask them to plan our next development moves.

We are a small team with big ambitions, and we’d love you along for the ride.

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