Landlord Studio Partners with Steadily to Launch One of A Kind Landlord Marketplace

We've partnered with Steadily insurance to launch Landlord Studio Offers, a one of a kind marketplace for landlords.

We are excited to announce that we have launched Landlord Studio Offers

Landlord Studio Offers is a one-of-a-kind marketplace for landlords. It adds to our already substantial suite of tools to help landlords get the very best industry-relevant deals on everything from tenant screening to landlord insurance and even mortgages.

You can now access Landlord Studio Offers in our desktop portal.

  • Simply log in,
  • Click on “Offers” in the left-hand menu
  • And select the offer you want to learn more about.

Our partners currently include:

landlord studio offers

Landlord Studio Partners With Steadily

Steadily offers some of the most competitive landlord insurance rates in the market. Using our integration you can get fast landlord insurance quotes from inside the software.

To get a quote from Steadily, use the widget at the top of the Landlord Studio Offers page. Select your property from the drop-down, we will then get you an initial quote using the details already entered into the system and calculate how much you could be saving today. Then click on “View Quote” to customize your requirements and get a personalized competitive quote in seconds.

“We’re incredibly excited to be able to announce the launch of Landlord Studio Offers. We are in the privileged position to be able to help our community of landlords. We have partnered with some incredible companies already and are now looking to expand the range of deals we can share in Landlord Studio Offers,” said Charles, CEO of Landlord Studio. “The ultimate goal of this new release is to give back to our users, to continue to make their lives easier, and of course to save them money so that they can continue to grow and achieve their financial goals.”

Steadily is America’s best-rated landlords insurance company. They offer fast, affordable online insurance products for rental property owners. By making the whole process digital they are able to offer the most competitive rates available in the market. Our integration with them uses the basic data that you’ve already supplied in the Landlord Studio app to automatically calculate how much you could save.

“Landlord Studio is empowering landlords with a digital-first platform that is uniquely built for their needs, and works like the other modern tools that they love,” said Darren Nix, Founder and President of Steadily. “Steadily was founded on this same idea and is built by landlords, for landlords. The partnership is a natural alignment between our two brands and offers additional value-add to landlords at each step in their customer journey. We are delighted to be partnering with Landlord Studio in this new Offers program.”

The future of Landlord Studio Offers

Our mission is to provide landlords with all the tools they need to run a professional and successful real estate business while saving them time and money. Landlord Studio Offers is the next step in this journey and complements our already substantial suite of tools including:

  • Industry-specific income and expense tracking with features like bank feeds, receipt scanning, and reporting.
  • Online rent collection,
  • Tenant screening,
  • Rental listings,
  • Lease management,
  • Document storage,
  • And more…

The next stage of Landlord Studio Offers is to expand our partners’ network. By leveraging the size of our community we aim to get our users unique industry-relevant deals. If you’ve got a supplier that you want to see in Landlord Studio Offers, reach out to us at