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Our Story

Our Mission

We exist to make the lives of landlords and tenants easier through digital innovation.

In the Beginning

Landlord Studio started out life in 2016 as the brain child of our leader Charles. He was shopping around for a good software to manage his own properties and was disappointed with what was on offer. He needed something mobile, something that would enable him to manage his portfolio on the go, wherever he was in the world.

The easiest solution was obviously to go away and make his own software. To that end he started developing a mobile app. Something that would do what he wanted without the limitations of the software currently on the market.

Though we have no confirmation of this, the team imagines his development process as one of wild fury. A flurry of late nights as he maniacally peered over his laptop screen in a dark room, tapping out rows upon rows of the multi-coloured code that would one day become Landlord Studio.

Finally, exhausted by his efforts the first version of the App (Property Buddy) was completed and he uploaded it to the app store.

The Team

“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do” – Steve Jobs

Charles Chan
Co-Founder / CEO
Logan Ransley
Co-Founder / Partnerships
Samuel Mockridge
Senior Developer
Ben Luxon
Content / Digital Strategy
Danielle Mason
Content Writer
Charlie Hlavac
UI/UX Design
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