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Landlord Studio pairs award winning property management features with finance tools designed specifically for landlords. Streamline your buy to let portfolio and become MTD ready today.

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Overview: Landlord Studio vs Arthur

Landlord Studio and Arthur both offer powerful property management tools for real estate investors including income and expense tracking, bank feed connections, and industry-specific reports. However, they differ in functionality and purpose in several ways making them suitable for different portfolios and financial goals.

To help you select the property management software that’s best for you we take a closer look at these two software analysing everything from the affordability and ease-of-use to the features and functionality.

What our customers say

“It has reduced my paperwork by about 95%.”


Manages 8 properties

“The reporting function makes tax time so easy.”


Manages 12 properties

“Excellent product with great customer service.”


Manages 3 properties

Landlord Studio: Simple Accounting Software

Tailored Excellence for Smaller Portfolios

  • Manage your properties on the go via desktop or mobile app.
  • Save time and money with advanced accounting tools. Connect your bank accounts, digitise receipts, and automate mileage tracking.
  • Instantly generate any of over 15+ accountant-approved reports.
  • Powerful property management features designed specifically to help you save time and stay compliant.
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Landlord Studio


Income & expense tracking

Manual expense tracking

Recurring expenses

Automated bank feeds

Smart receipt scanner

Automatic mileage tracker

Portfolio dashboard

Reporting & tax returns

Integration with Xero

Full tax reporting suite

Accountant collaboration

Through Xero Integration

Find & screen tenants

Create a listing

Collect & manage applicants

Prescreen applicants

Property maintenance

Create maintenance tickets

Track maintenance tickets

Tenant portal

Through Fixflo Integration
Through Fixflo Integration


Native iOS app

Native android app

Document management

Selecting The Right Software For You: Arthur Online vs Landlord Studio

While both Landlord Studio and Arthur Online offer valuable property management tools, Landlord Studio emerges as the preferred choice for landlords with smaller portfolios. Its specialised focus on real estate accounting, ease-of-use, and comprehensive property management sets it apart from the competition. For landlords and agents managing larger portfolios, Arthur Online's numerous integrations cater to the complexities of larger-scale management.

Before making a decision it’s recommended you test the platform. Explore the strengths and weaknesses for yourself and see which solution best fits your needs and budget. Whether it's efficient financial tracking or streamlined property management, the right solution awaits.

Why Landlords Are Choosing Landlord Studio Over Arthur

Landlord Studio vs Arthur price comparison

Landlord Studio offers a cost-effective solution that caters specifically to landlords with smaller portfolios. FREE for your first 3 units and with plans starting at just £9 per month. View pricing →

Arthur Online has three plans starting at £62.50 per month. This pricing paired with the variety of integrations makes Arthur more suitable for larger portfolios with complex requirements.

Best-In-Class Real Estate Accounting

Landlord Studio stands out with its powerful accounting tools so you can simplify tax reporting and financial decision-making.

  • Track your income and expenses on the go and gain quick insights into your portfolio.
  • Instantly generate and share financial reports.
  • Our expense categories are specifically tailored for the buy-to-let industry.
  • Use our seamless Xero integration to avoid double-handling of data and become MTD ready today.

Time Saving Automation

Let our automation tools save you time so you can focus on growing your portfolio and increasing ROI.

  • On click reconcile auto-matched transactions for fast and accurate accounting.
  • Digitise receipts at the point of sale with our Smart Scan technology.
  • Automate tenant communications to ensure on time rent every time.

Full-Featured Property Management Solution

Beyond its robust financial features, Landlord Studio offers a comprehensive set of property management tools tailored for landlords overseeing smaller portfolios

  • Create rental listings, collect, prescreen and manage all your tenant applicants in one place.
  • Track, prioritise, and manage maintenance tasks.
  • Track tenancies and store important documents to ensure you stay compliant.
  • Set reminders for important events and inspections.
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End to end property management software

From finding tenants and tracking your income and expenses, to managing maintenance requests, our suite of features will help you save time and run a professional and scalable property portfolio.