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Virtual Tax Event

Property Tax Summit – Live Virtual Event with Jeff Badu

We’ve analyzed aggregated anonymous data from over 12,000+ active leases to provide insight and perspective into the emerging trends and how to future-proof your business.

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Landlord Studio, the all-in-one rental accounting and management software, and Badu Tax Services, a comprehensive tax preparation and planning consultancy.

Jeff Badu is a Licensed CPA (Certified Public Accountant) and the founder and CEO of Badu Enterprises, LLC, which is a multinational conglomerate that owns several key companies.

Jeff Badu

Founder & CEO of Badu Enterprises

Logan is the founder of Landlord Studio and leads Landlord Studio’s Partner network working with professional services firms to assist them to offer advisory advice to their clients.

Logan Ransley

Co-Founder of Landlord Studio

Event Agenda

Part One – COVID-19 and The Future Of The Rental Industry

Over 2020 we saw some clear trends emerge in the rental market that coincided with the impact of COVID-19, government stimulus action, and subsequent shifts in renter demand.

Part Two – Insights from CEO/Founder of Badu Enterprises, Jeff Badu.

In a podcast style Q&A session, we’ll interview Jeff Badu to gain insights about these emerging trends, and how you can best prepare your real estate business from a tax savings perspective.

Part Three – Using Cloud Software To Maximize Your Automation

In part three, we introduce Landlord Studio and illustrate how automating your real estate business with cloud software can save you time, money, stress, and better prepare your for financial stability.

Part Four – Live Audience Q&A Session, with Jeff Badu and Logan Ransley

In part four, we take to the audience and answer key questions about tax and accounting implications within the real estate industry, and provide insight into proactively preparing for sustainbility.


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