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Why Property Buddy Became Landlord Studio

Several years ago now, we started our life as Property Buddy. A mobile application aimed at making property management for self-managing landlords easier and more mobile.

Property Buddy was built by our CEO Charles, ostensibly to help him manage his own property. He wanted something that could streamline the accounting process and most importantly, something that he could use to effectively manage his rental on the go. However, at the time there was nothing on the market that satisfied his needs.

So, he custom built an app, largely for his own personal use, and stuck it up on the App store. Inevitably, although somewhat to Charle’s surprise, it started gaining momentum, it seemed a lot of people needed the app for the same reason.

Fast forward to 2018 and we have become Landlord Studio.

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Why did we become Landlord Studio?

Not everyone was happy with our change to Landlord Studio. However, you can’t always please everyone, and we had a couple of very good reasons for making the change.

  • First, Property Buddy stored data locally. What this meant was that if you lost your device, there was a chance that you’d lose all of your data too (if you hadn’t backed it up recently).
  • Second, the code wouldn’t allow for automating tasks – a vital update to save landlords time – or the introduction of bank feeds. Which is something that is about to be released in Beta in the US and Canada!
  • On top of this, many people wanted desktop software as well.

This change was an excellent opportunity for us to refine our brand identity, clean up our UX, and ensure scalability and future development potential for the app.

New Landlord Studio Features

What if you’re still using Property Buddy?

Property buddy no longer has technical support or updates, however, we don’t want to cut our loyal users off so the app will stay live until all users migrate over.

How to Migrate from Property Buddy to Landlord Studio

  1. Go to settings;
  2. Help;
  3. Select “I want to access via desktop”;
  4. Enter in your email address and password;
  5. It will migrate all data to the cloud as well as your current subscription;
  6. Download the Landlord Studio App and login.

And you’re all set to use Landlord Studio.

The Future of Landlord Studio

We are looking to grow our service over the coming years with additional features like (although not limited to) the following:

More Automation

To save you time we want to make as much of the process of managing your rentals automated as possible. Which is why we are introducing updates like the next one on the list.

Banks Feeds

Bank Feeds is now available in the US and we will be rolling out to other countries as our provider enters those countries.

Push Notifications

For your reminders and to help you keep your important accounting software up to date (though we will help you automate as much of this as possible you will still need to do some tasks manually).

Tenant Payments

We are currently working on tenant payments which will allow landlords to connect rent through our software. We expect to launch this feature in September / October of 2020.

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Danielle Mason

Danielle is a specialist content creator with a keen interest for real estate and tenanting issues. She loves travel and works remotely when she can. Prior to joining LandlordBoss, Danielle wrote for companies in the technology, retail and start-up industries


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