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Landlord Studio Has Partnered With Habito: Online Mortgage Brokers

We are constantly improving our service. Offering new and improved features for our landlords with the end goal always to save them time and money.

Habito buy to let mortgage

One area where landlords have consistently overpaid over the years has been their mortgages. The process has traditionally involved jargon, excessive paperwork and most frustratingly it was slow, glacially slow.

Because of this, it was found that 1 in 4 homeowners in the UK are on the WRONG mortgage! The founders of Habito saw the problem and set out to solve it.

And so, we are proud to announce our newest partnership. Habito is a free online mortgage broker who utilizes technology to ensure their customers get the best possible deal, quickly, and easily.

“The mortgage industry has been an obstacle for a lot of landlords. It’s been hard to navigate and it has resulted in thousands of property owners paying way more than they should be. Habito is a game-changer, offering an innovative financing solution.

We’re excited to have integrated with Habito as we truly believe this will help our landlords get the best financing options and help them start saving thousands of pounds every year.”

Charles, CEO and co-founder of Landlord Studio.

This partnership will massively simplify the process of refinancing for Landlord Studio landlords. By integrating the process into our app we can offer quick online mortgage comparisons from over 90 UK providers right at our user’s fingertips.

Digital innovation is changing the way real estate investors engage with the market. Both Habito and ourselves are well aware of this, and we aim to be the frontrunners in revolutionizing the way property investors and real estate entrepreneurs interact with an industry that has historically been slow to change.

How does it work?

This integration in the Landlord Studio app gives its users two options. Either select Mortgage Comparison or How Much Can I Save? Then fill in a simple set of questions and that data will be fed into Habito’s algorithm which searches the market – from over 20,000 products – to find the best deals, work out the best mortgage available, and tell you exactly how much you could be saving each month.

The search returns those deals which are considered “best” according to their true cost. This ‘true cost’ calculation includes the product’s interest rate as well as additional factors such as fees and incentives such as cashback, free legal, or free valuations.

If you find a mortgage deal that looks good, simply hit the apply button and you’ll be whisked off to Habito’s website where you can speak with one of their mortgage experts and start the process of saving!


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