Affilates and Partners.

Are you a mortgage broker, landlord insurance broker, accountant or regularly contacted by landlords?

Earn 50% Commission
The Landlord Studio Affliate Programme is FREE to join and pays the best referral rates. Our new payout plans offer you a competitive commission rate, you earn a 50% referral fee for the first 12 full monthly payments of each referred customer just by linking to our website.

Alternatively, you can also offer our products absolutely free to your clients for a limited time to add more value to your customers at no charge to you!

Easy setup
What makes Landlord Studio's affiliate program stand out is our diverse target audience, which gives affiliates countless earning opportunities and endless ways of promoting it. Landlord Studio is a highly rated cloud based property management system that has a beautifully designed desktop product and native mobile apps. By just linking to us from your website, if the new customer clicks then purchases a subscription, you get paid a handsome share! That's it! We sign customers up and handle all of the customer service.

Anyone can apply
If interested in becoming an affiliate or would like to work with us, apply by emailing