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Property Buddy is now Landlord Studio and it’s better than ever!

Ditch the spreadsheet and manage your rentals on autopilot

Ditch the spreadsheet and manage your rentals on autopilot

Landlord Studio gives you the accounting and property management tools you need to save time and money while managing your rentals.

Landlord Studio gives you the accounting and property management tools to save time and money while running your rentals.


“When I found Landlord Studio, I knew I had found the right solution.”

– Ryan S.

Powerful tools to track your tenants’ payments

Keeping on top of rental payments, invoicing, overdue balances, and late fees just became easier with our advanced time-saving features.

  • Overdue Balance & Arrears

  • Complete Payment History

  • Email & SMS Invoicing

  • Automatic Late Fees

  • Rent Due Reminders


Stay organized with intelligent lease management

The smarter way to store, manage and monitor your active and historical leases, so you can gain complete control of your tenancies.

  • Lease Expiry Reminders

  • Schedule Rent Changes

  • Pro Rate Calculator

  • Adjustable Payment Periods

  • Security Deposit Tracking


Tenant management that scales as you grow

Take the stress out of managing and communicating with your tenants by centralizing all important documents, messaging, and information in one place.

  • Tenant Directory

  • Bulk Communication

  • Customizable Templates

  • Store Tenant Email Copies

  • Upload Lease Documents

Tenant Management

Advanced Rental Reporting

With 15+ reports available – you can tailor smart financial reports and budgets to understand and track what matters most.

Rent Ledger
Rent Roll

Ditch your spreadsheet and let us do the heavy lifting

Track your rental expenses on autopilot, so you can ditch your spreadsheet and paper receipts, without learning complicated accounting software.

  • Entity Expenses

  • Property Expenses

  • Sync Bank Accounts Securely

  • Custom Expense Categories

  • Capital Expense Tracking


Automate your rentals from your fingertips

Log payments, track expenses, record mileage, upload receipts, and images right from your mobile device.  Manage your rentals from wherever, whenever.

  • Available on iOS & Android

  • Smart Receipt Scan

  • Securely Upload Receipts

  • Track Your Mileage

  • Assign Property Photos


Enterprise property management toolset

Whether you’re a DIY landlord or managing a large portfolio as a property manager – Landlord Studio gives you the toolset that scales as you grow.

  • Intelligent Expense Insights

  • Contractor/Supplier Directory

  • Multi-Owner Support

  • Multi-User Support

  • Personalized Notebook

Effortless property management

Try it free. No credit card required. Instant setup.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Landlord Studio cost?

Landlord Studio pricing starts at $5.99 per month (includes 1 unit). For more details on pricing, please visit our pricing page.

How is Landlord Studio different from Quickbooks/Xero

Quickbooks and Xero are complex accounting programs that are designed to service all types of businesses. Customizing Quickbooks to track rental property income and expenses can be a complicated and time-consuming process, especially if you’re new to real estate investing. That said, if you have entity-level accounting needs, run a real estate-related business that doesn’t own rental property, or are accustomed to maintaining traditional balance sheets, you may still prefer to pay for a full-service accounting platform like Quickbooks.

Landlord Studio is a platform that’s purpose-built for rental property owners and works seamlessly from day one. Key real estate metrics like net cash flow, occupancy rates, and appreciation are standard components of the dashboards. Real estate-related income and expense categories are built directly into the transaction ledger. 

You can manage your income and expenses on an organization, property, or unit level. And with our filters, you can generate detailed reports fast. For example, run our Schedule E report, print it out, and copy across the details to your Schedule E form. With Landlord Studio, you can expect to be up and running in 15 mins or less!

On top of this Landlord Studio offers a number of automation features that make property management more practical for landlords.

Do I need technical experience to use Landlord Studio?

Setting up your account takes less than 5 minutes. Anyone can track their income/expenses and set up property management automation on our platform. If you do find yourself needing some help, feel free to reach out to our support team through our chat support, or visit our Help Center.


Can I import my historical data?

We have a personalized onboarding service that is available for an additional fee. Our dedicated success team will import your existing data into the software and schedule a training call to get you set up. Contact us for more information.


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